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Abraham Lincoln The 16th president of the United States of America was Abraham. Abraham begat Isaac, and Isaac, that\'s the wrong story. This ought to be the story of the tall bearded man from Illinois who led our great nation to freedom and unity. But his term was not all hunky-dory for the glory-boy. When He was elected in 1860, not only did the south want to secede from the union of the United States, but Mrs. Mary-Todd Lincoln wanted to redecorate the White House. Mrs. Lincoln was
Violence in the Movies The last five years have seen an increase in the stand on violence in movies. As action movies with their big stars are taken to new heights every year, more people seem to argue that the violence is influencing our country’s youth. Yet, each year, the amount of viewers also increases. This summer’s smash hit Independence Day grossed more money than any other film in history, and it was full of violence. The other summer hits included Mission: Impossible, Courage Under Fir
Julius Caesar, Life of Julius Caesar was a strong leader for the Romans who changed the course of the history of the Greco - Roman world decisively and irreversibly. With his courage and strength he created a strong empire . What happened during his early political career? How did he become such a strong dictator of the Roman Empire? What events led up to the making of the first triumvirate? How did he rise over the other two in the triumvirate and why did he choose to take over? What happened d
Medicine and Electricity It was a Saturday afternoon, and I was sitting in the living room recliner watching my normal morning cartoons while eating my bowl of Lucky Charms. All of a sudden, a newsflash appeared on my screen. A newscaster appeared and stated in a serious voice, “We interrupt this program for an important announcement. It has been discovered that a large meteor is traveling at a fast pace towards the Earth and has been calculated to hit the Earth at approximately 12:00pm, Tuesday
Five Novels ÿTitle: 5 Novels Author: Daniel Pinkwater Category: Sci- Fiction, Fiction Settings: First story: in Hogboro, New York. Second story: Earth and the planet Spiegel. Third story: Genghis Khan High School. Forth: Rochester New York. Fifth: Margaret Himmler High School. Time Period: 1990\'s Alan Mendelson, the boy from mars: Leonard Neeble. Alan Mendelson. Samuel Klugarsh. Clarence Yojimbo. Leonard Neeble is the new kid at school. No one really likes him, but he doesn’t care. He’s a real
The JFK Assassination: Conspiracy or Single-gunman? Adolf Hitler, the Nazi dictator of Germany during World War II, once said, The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.. Although this may sound ludicrous, we can see many example of this in the world\'s history. One example would have to be the John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassination. For over thirty years the people of the United States were led to believe that a single gunman shot and killed Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963, at
The Three Musketeers Alexander Dumas “Forgive me, Lady de Wardes,” he said, “for rousing your hatred by my blackguardly conduct. I in return forgive you for murdering Constance Bonacieux and for your savage attacks on me. I forgive you and pity you. Die in peace.” Characters d’Artagnan- a young, attractive Gascon of eighteen. d’Artagnan is haughty, proud, and extremely intelligent. He is one of the main characters is the book, and we follow him through his many turmoils and triumphs; as he event
The Globe Theater Imagine yourself in the Globe Theater, watching the opening to Shakespeare\'s new play Julius Caesar. You are in the standing pit because you do not have any money. The play begins. The drool starts to run from the commoner\'s mouths. The play is very intense. Oh my gosh! Caesar was just killed. The blood it looks so real. Brutus what have you done. Brutus you are a hero. Brutus is scum. Long live Antony. Antony praises Brutus for his morals, for he was the only one in the cons
The Catcher In The Rye I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all. Thousands of little kids, and nobody around- nobody big, I mean- except me. And I am standing on some edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, is I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff- I mean if they\'re running and they don\'t look where they are going I have to come out of somewhere and catch them. That\'s all I\'d do all day. I\'d just be the catcher i
The Red Badge of Courage All through history, man always seems to be at war. In some cases he is the attacker, in others the defender. In both cases, these wars are broken down into two basic elements, the battles that are fought and the individuals who fight them. In The Red Badge of Courage, Stephen Crane talks about conflict, courage, fear, cowardice, heroism, victory, and defeat. These elements make up the exploits of war we record in our history books. This paper will deal with war, more sp
The Similarity of Creon and Antigone in Sophocles’ Works Schooling in ancient Greece was largely a job of the theater. Large dramatic festivals were held in which the plays would encompass much of the day’s events. Each playwright was allowed three dramatic plays and one satyr play. These festivals also served as competitions for the playwrights in which they could gain notoriety for their work. Some of the greatest works to survive out of ancient Greece were tragedies. In these plays, one or mo
Anton Pavlovich Chekhov “Medicine is my lawful wife, and literature is my mistress. When I get fed up with one, I spend the night with the other” - Anton Chekhov Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was a key component in the world of literature. He was born January 17, 1860 in the town of Taganrog, Ukraine. He grew up the son of a grocer, and was shadowed by his fathers tyranny and religious fanaticism. As a child he attended a Greek boys school, and grammar school. Early on he felt a calling to practice me
Toy Story Toy Story was released by Disney and Pixar in November of 1995. It was a huge accomplishment, and was one long awaited by children and adults alike. Disney and Pixar Animation had successfully made the first full-length film entirely animated on computers. The writers of Toy Story did not focus solely on the technical aspect, though. They also remembered to include the plot. Often, a film is acclaimed for just one aspect, but Toy Story deserves praise for many: the music, the famous vo
What is the History of Magic Mountain? Viper, Superman - The Escape, Batman: The Ride - on a daily basis these rides thrill us, excite us, and scare us. They are all located within Six Flags: Magic Mountain, and yet the history of this incredible place is hardly known. Was it originally a jelly stand that grew into a local fun-park like Knott\'s? Or was it originally a cartoon production studio like Disneyland? In this essay, I will show you how the amazing place we know as Magic Mountain grew
Debrina L. Frazier Sociology 102 Mon./Wed. 2:00-3:15 Autobiography of Debrina L. Frazier Section I: Family Composition and History My name is Debrina L. Frazier my family is very small, consisting of my mother 43, my father 45, and myself 17. My parents both being college graduates have always stressed the importance of a good education. Mother is a school teacher and father is a contractor, so we are an upper middle class family. Mother is the strong willed “doer” in our family, while father is
The Life of BILL GATES Bill Gates\' achievements as a scientist and as a computer phenom is being appreciated today as well as they will be in the future. Gates has single handedly put America, in a world of giants such as Japan, on top of the chart on terms of technology. Nick Sullivan is quoted saying, I\'d hate to be in business with him, but as a consumer, it\'s hard not to like him. Bill has had many small adventures that make up his life so far. Many have come through his rough style of
Palace of Versailles VERSAILLES, PALACE OF. About 13 miles (21 kilometers) southwest of Paris, in the city of Versailles, stands the largest palace in France. It was built because of the consuming envy of King Louis XIV, and once completed it became the object of envy of every other monarch in Europe. The Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Schönbrunn in Vienna, and Herrenchiemsee in Bavaria are only three of the royal palaces built in imitation of the Palace of Versailles. Versailles itself served
Ukraine LAND Ukraine\'s size is about 233,000 sq. miles. It is located to the north of the Black Sea. It is bordered by Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Poland. Most of the land is flat. The only uplands are the Carpathian Mountains, located in the southwest part of the country, and the Crimean Mountains, located along the southern coast. The climate of Ukraine is temperate and subtropical. PEOPLE Ukraine has a population of about 52 million people. This represents 18% of the population of
Germany Germany had its own unique way of life and it had a big impact on other cultures. One influence Germany had on other cultures was its food. Sausage, baked goods, and beer seem to be the most indigenous food. Most of the sausages can be eaten hot or cold such as the frankfurter. A few of the sausages, such as Bratwurst, must be cooked and a few--Schlachtwurst and Touristenwurst--eaten only when cold. Bratwurst was a pork sausage, usually cooked over an open fire. Schlachtwurst literally m
Education Both entertainment and education have been integrals parts of the human experience since the beginnings of time. Many scholars insist that the two institutions often serve jointly, with entertainers and entertainment serving as a main source of education. There is little argument, then, that in addition to generally appealing to the masses, entertainers have regularly fulfilled the role of a teacher to typically unsuspecting audiences. Entertainers have served as educators throughout h
Finding Your Perfect University Robin Davidson Mr. Taylor English 10:00 September 21,1998 Although Opinions of a perfect university may be different, there is one major question that comes across every college students mind. How do you know you are getting the proper education and skills that you will need to succeed in your goal for life. Analyzing and looking into a college to see if it will benefit your standards and requirements that are needed for you to achieve your degree. Doing this will
Tennessee Williams Written By who cares Tennessee Williams was born Thomas Lanier Williams March 26, 1911, in Columbus, Mississippi. He was the son of Cornelius Coffin and Edwina (Dakin) Williams. His father, Cornelius, was a traveling salesman who traveled constantly, and moved his family several times during the first decade of Williams’ life. For the first seven years of Williams’ life, he, his mother, and his sister Rose lived with Mrs. Williams father, the Episcopalian clergyman. Cornelius
Abraham Lincoln By: Tyler Dewey American Studies Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States. He was a self-taught man. He was born on February 12, 1809, in a log cabin near Hodgenville, Kentucky. Abraham was son of Thomas and Nancy Lincoln, he was named after his paternal grandfather. Abraham’s father was a carpenter and a farmer. His parent’s were both members of a Baptist congregation, which had separated due to differences on slavery. When Abraham was 7, the family moved to s
Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the greatest and most ingenious men that history has produced. His contributions in the areas of art, science, and humanity are still among the most important that a single man has put forth, definitely making his a life worth knowing. Da Vinci, born on April 15, 1452, is credited as a master painter, sculptor, architect, musician, engineer, and scientist. He was born a child to Catherina, a peasant girl. His father was Ser Piero da Vinci, a public n
Footloose Kimberly Shaw Modern Jazz I TTH 1:00-2:15 Mr. Green Footloose, Directed by Walter Bobbie (Chicago) was a high energy musical based on the 80\'s teenybopper movie. I saw the New York production starring Tony Krushner as Ren. I felt the overall production was bland and orchestrations were sparse. When the reverend comes center stage to sing his powerful song about being misunderstood I was bored. I found the song to be very anti-climatic. All of these things aside said there were some
Comparison between Being There and The Truman Show The following paper will discuss “Being There” and “The Truman Show.” The first paragraph will consist of a comparison/contrast of the two characters, Chance and Truman. The second paragraph will show how the plot of both movies are similar and yet vary from one another. Finally, the third paragraph will discuss how the media acts as a huge influence in both lives. Chance the gardner is the main character in the movie “Being There” and Truman Bu
Immigration When people associate racial background with America, most people automatically think of European ancestry. This misunderstanding of what America is, causes many problems in the country. The lack of recognition of various racial backgrounds and minority groups has been all too common, since the very beginning when America was thought of as a New World. The native people of the land were treated like they were foreigners and eventually stripped of their own land. When the country star
Theater Between a Health Care Provider and a Patient There is a fine line between intimate and professional. An encounter between a health care provider and a patient should not have any actions, which may put the two on a non-professional level. For example the health care provider would cross this line if they were to watch a patient get undressed in front of them. Even something as simple as improper eye contact or a particular tone of voice may lead to someone crossing this line. Therefore t
United States Influence in Latin America The influence of the United States on Latin America has not been largely degrading, but instead, largely beneficial to Latin America. It has helped to produce an advanced, cultured, and self-sufficient society opposed to an alien culture of materialism and selfishness. Arguments to support these statements can be made on an economic, political, social, and cultural level. The United States for a long time has held a hegemony by default and chosen to app
Beethoven By: Seth Cox English Research Paper 3/26/99 Ludwig Van Beethoven, thought by many to be a sort of demi-god, a man of otherworldly genius. Beethoven has had such titles as: Beethoven the Creator, Beethoven, the Man who Freed Music, and Beethoven, Life of a Conqueror, (Internet source, roughguides 1). These typical images created of Beethoven have been around since the composer’s day, extracting the astounding character from the his astounding music. True excellence does not come from on
Censorship English 201-712 The freedom to read is essential to the democratic way of life (Censorship News 1996). Today our freedom is under attack. Private groups such as mothers and public authorities everywhere are working to remove both books and periodicals from sale, o exclude certain books from public schools, to censor and silence magazines and newspapers, and to limit controversial books from the general public. The suppression of reading materials is suppression of creative thoughts. B
Greek Drama The history of European theater begins with the Greeks, whose annual festivals in honor of the god Dionysus included competitions in tragic and comical plays. According to tradition, the first of these dramatic forms evolved from choral songs concerning the death and resurrection of Dionysus. This occurred about the middle of the 6th century BC, when Thespis of Icaria, in a drama of his own composition, impersonated a character and engaged the chorus in dialogue, thereby becoming bot
The Bluest Eye After World War I, many new opportunities were given to the growing and expanding group of African Americans living in the northern part of America (Encarta). The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison takes place during this time period. A main theme in this novel is the search for individual or personal identity and the influences of the family and community in this search. This theme is present throughout the novel and evident in many of the characters. Pecola Breedlove, Cholly Breedlove,
China and Japan Shiven Patel The geography of China and Japan is quite different. They are both located in Eastern Asia, but China is apart of the mainland, while Japan is a group of islands off in the North Pacific. China, the world’s fourth largest country, is considerably larger than Japan. China has a total area of 9,596,960 square kilometers while Japan is only 377,8356 square kilometers. Of course Japan has double the coastline of China for it is an island chain. China has an eastern coast
DVDs DVD: WHAT IT DOES DVD, which simply stands for Digital Video Disc (or Digital Versatile Disc) is the latest audio/video storage medium to hit the market. DVD discs look exactly like normal compact discs and they possess the technology to provide hours of high quality video and audio entertainment. DVD: HOW IT WORKS Although complex, the basics of how a DVD works is rather simple, even comparable to how old vinyl record albums function. A DVD disc spins at a very high rate, and a laser beam
Prisoners of War DEFINITION Prisoners of War (POW), term used to designate captured members of the armed forces of an enemy, or noncombatants who render them direct service and who have been captured during wartime. Surgeons, chaplains, news correspondents, and hospital attendants of the Red Cross are not included in this category, nor are civilians who are detained and interned in belligerent countries. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries the Red Cross has brought comfort, legal aid, and att
Evil Emperors Block F Augustus was one of the single most extraordinary emperors to ever rule the Roman Empire, he was also the first. Augustus set a precept for emperors to come. Some emperors followed it, some tried, and some didn’t try at all. My report is about two emperors of Rome that didn’t rule in light of Augustus, and probably couldn’t help it, considering they were most definitely insane. Caligula Gaius Caesar was born in the ancient city of Antium on August 31, 12 A.D.. Gaius had two
What Sort of Man Reads Playboy? Rocky Morris Speech 2060 1:30-2:30 MWF What sort of man reads Playboy? He\'s a man who turns his leisure time into an adventure...He\'s a man with a discriminating eye...He\'s a man who is smart about his future. Playboy-Aug.,Sept.,Oct. 1996 While flipping through the pages of a once controversial but now globally excepted magazine, one will find an interesting advertisement within the covers of Playboy. There is a full page color advertisement that generally
Nutcracker I have had many theater-related experiences. Every chapter that I have read in my theater book has allowed me to make a connection to my past experiences with theater performances. I have also seen many plays and could relate to things an audience sees by reading the book. My first theater experience ever is when I was in the Nutcracker. We did a ballet performance for this play. I was very young when I did this, but I remember my instructor always saying that we must make contact wit
Antonio Vivaldi Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice on March 4th, 1678. Through ordained a priest in 1703, according to his own account, within a year of being ordained Vivaldi no longer wished to celebrate mass because physical complaints “tightness of the chest” which pointed to asthmatic bronchitis, or a nervous disorder. It is also possible that Vivaldi was faking his illness. There is a story that he sometimes left the alter to jot down a musical idea. He had became a priest against his own
Glenn Miller and the Swing/Big Band Era Glenn Miller led the most popular big band in the world during 1939-42 and the most beloved of all the swing-era orchestras. His big band played a wide variety of melodic music and had tremendous success in every area of music. He was with the group for two years, and put together an enjoyable and well-rounded show. Glenn Miller was a man who influenced bands greatly for years. Alton Glenn Miller was born on March 1, 1904 in Clarinda Iowa. His family had a
Censorship Censorship is a variety of things from yelling fire in a crowded theater to showing sexual intercourse on television. These things aren’t all either, there are millions of things we use or see every day that are censored for a reason. The reason can be many but the three most important reasons are for an adult or child’s wellbeing, for the decency of our society and for privacy of each other. All of these things are censored because our lives are influenced by these reasons in one way
The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History In 1939, the local council of Administrative Women in Education began a study of children\'s museums, with the idea of promoting one in Fort Worth. For the efforts of the city\'s school board, a two-room museum in the school called De Zavala Elementary School , in Fort Worth opened in early 1945. In 1947 the Museum moved into the large R. E. Harding House where it continued to grow in size and popularity. The citizens of Fort Worth supported a sal
Leroi Jones - (Amiri Baraka) Introduction- Leroi Jones was a very interesting man. He had many different views on culture and race. He was a talented man who shared his thoughts, feelings and opinions through his writing. Through this paper I feel that I have brought across the many ways he has touched the minds of people and brought the arts to an (at the time) under privileged minority. Initial response- The poem I choose called the Incident gave me a clear image of a man killing another man
Lazio Introduction Lazio, also known as Latium, is a region in west central Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea. There are many beautiful provinces, or cities, in the region. Some include Rome, Latina, Frosinone, Viterbo, and Rieti. In Lazio there is also an important river, the Tiber, which runs right through Rome. The capital of Italy is Rome, which is also an important industrial city in the region, Lazio, and the capital of Lazio as well. Another important city is Civitavecchia, the Vatican City, th
Is the Parental Advisory Sign Necessary? In 1989 when the black and white logo that warned parents about the content in certain musical recordings was being enforced, kids under the age of 16 were not allowed to purchase those certain records/cd\'s or tapes. Now days there are more kids between the ages of 11 and 15 that are buying explicit content recordings than people of an older age group. The main purpose of the Parental Advisory sign was originally to stray kids away from the evil lyrics o
American Composers Ch.12 Paul Whiteman(1890-1967)= a classically trained violinist and violist who adored jazz but lacked the gift to emulate the uninhibited improvisations of the jazz musicians he admired, formed a dance band in the early twenties that played jazzy arrangements of popular and even classical melodies. Blues = a black vocal folk music, began as vocal (largely instrumental). Classical blues = based on 3 lines of text. Wild wame don’t do the blues. Urban Blues = blues pieces writte
Dante\'s Inferno Dante Alighieri, one of the greatest poets of the Middle Ages, was born in Florence, Italy on June 5, 1265. He was born to a middle-class Florentine family. At an early age he began to write poetry and became fascinated with lyrics. During his adolescence, Dante fell inlove with a beautiful girl named Beatrice Portinari. He saw her only twice but she provided much inspiration for his literary masterpieces. Her death at a young age left him grief-stricken. His first book, La Vita
Culture, and Arts of Argentina Argentina is a nation with a vivid Spanish heritage, soundly affected since the 19th century by European, prominently Italian, immigration. A blithesome interest is maintained in the nation’s history, particularly as symbolized by the Gaucho or cowboy. Europeans also shaped literature in Argentina. In the fine arts, an example to be emulated has been France; only in folk art has there been crucial influence from Native America cultures. Any Literature in Latin Amer
The Catcher in the Rye MAIN CHARACTERS 1. D.B. is Holden’s older brother. Holden’s older brother works in Hollywood as a writer. 2. Holden Caulfield this person try’s to act mature when he’s about twelve years old. This character is someone who always says bad things to the people he meets. 3. Phoebe Caufield is Holden’s sister. She’s very sweet, and nice. They have a good time with each other because Phoebe cares a lot about Holen. 4. Robert Ackley is a character that has a lot of acne on his f