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Teaching Unit Essay This teaching unit for the Recreational leadership class was a very great experience, not only for me but im sure every other student who participated in it. It was a great learning experience which all students should try. In terms of preparation, our group was very well prepared during the unit. We made sure that all our planning and activities were perfect and that if the class being taught did not enjoy what we have assigned, we always had a back up plan. We looked throug
Leonardo Pisano Leonardo Pisano was the first great mathematician of medieval Christian Europe. He played an important role in reviving ancient mathematics and made great contributions of his own. After his death in 1240, Leonardo Pisano became known as Leonardo Fibonacci. Leonardo Fibonacci was born in Pisa in about 1180, the son of a member of the government of the Republic of Pisa. When he was 12 years old, his father was made administer of Pisa\'s trading colony in Algeria. It was in Algeria
Marijuana Marijuana needs to be legal for medical purposes nation wide. Marijuana can be used to relieve pain and cure some illness there is no alternative for. Many patients around the nation of all different races and backgrounds suffer everyday from some illness that was either gave to them bye another human or caused by false DNA reproduction. These illnesses can be stopped or relived by one simple drug grown naturally from our earth’s own surface, this drug is marijuana, AKA cannabis. It is
Soccer My favorite recreational activity is soccer. I play soccer a lot and have been playing for five or six seasons. in a game not long ago I made a hat trick , or three goals in one game. We placed second in our league this year. Their are lots of rules in soccer and they are all very important. If you don’t follow them you will pay the consequences. I’ll tell you about them in this paper. Probably the most important rule is that you can’t touch the ball with your hands. If you do you will be
Biosphere 2 Biosphere 2 is a miniature copy of Earth. It was an international project which combined different countries and cultures from all over the world. Biosphere 2 is located in Arizona because of its climate. The site had more than two thousand acres. The reasons for building Biosphere 2, the facilities, biomes, and the problems faced inside will be discussed in this report. Some of the reasons for building Biosphere 2 were overcrowding on Earth and troubles, on Earth, in the future. Pop
Northern Home for Boys Northern Home for Boys was first known as Northern Home for Friendless Children, which was founded in 1853 by Elizabeth Rutter. The home was dedicated to serving children in distress. Today the home serves neglected and abused boys who are referred through Children and Youth Agencies of Philadelphia and Delaware Counties. Northern Homes is one of the oldest facilities for children. The home offers on ground school, educational and recreational programs, social workers, chi
Daniel Boone Boone, Daniel (1734-1820)was an American pioneer, who played a major part in the exploration and settlement of Kentucky. Boone was born on November 2, 1734, near Reading, Pennsylvania. In 1753 his family settled on the Yadkin River in what is now North Carolina. In this primitive settlement Boone received some schooling and became a skillful hunter and trapper. He served with the forces led by the British general Edward Braddock in the campaign in 1755 against Fort Duquesne during t
Inline Skating: Past, Present, and Future Blade Basics Inline Skating: Past, Present, and Future Ryan Nairn Advanced English 9 Hills Friday, March 12, 1999 “One of the fastest growing sports in the world”(Greenfeld 80), inline skating has attracted many individuals from toddlers to elders, children to parents. All skate for slightly different purposes, and in slightly different styles. Inline skating demands little equipment, but no matter what, requires skates(Sullivan 12-18). “Skates can range
Ted Bundy: The Biography of a Serial Killer March 11, 1999 INTRODUCTION University educated serial sex killer whose good looks and charm enabled him to lure at least 30 young women to their deaths. Handsome, intelligent, socially recognized, Ted Bundy had been a law student, Boy Scout, a college degree with a major in psychology, involved in a Washington State party politics, and even served as a counselor at the Seattle Crisis Center. The public personality of Ted Bundy suggested nothing of the
PSYCHOSOCIAL FACTORS AFFECTING FREQUENCY OF DRUG USE Running head: PSYCHOSOCIAL FACTORS AFFECTING FREQUENCY OF DRUG USE The Psychosocial Differences Between Drug Users of Different Frequencies Within a University Setting State University of New York at Stony Brook After declining for a decade, marijuana use began to rise among young people beginning in 1990 (National Institute of Drug Abuse NIDA}, 1996). Marijuana is one drug whose use, although illegal and considered harmful, has been normaliz
Historical Dances During the American slave trade of 1619 to Virginia from Africa, some slaves were needed in other places such as the West Indies, so this event led to importing slaves to the West Indies. Dancing was an important part of the African culture, when the slaves were taken from their lands so was part of their culture. Their culture was slowly being taken from them. Yet, the retention of the African culture by those slaves taken to the West Indies were stronger than those in America
Surfing Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have your board glide down the side of a maverick in Maverick Bay? The feel of the water jetting out from under your board, and as you go in the barrel of the wave you feel the light splash of water gently pelt your face. Surfing is not as easy as many pros make it look. You have to learn the fundamentals of the sport to become successful, but before that you need the right equipment. Also surfing is one of the largest sports along any coast w
Drug Abuse on Athletes How do you stop drug abuse? There are some athletes who are effected by this and need help. There can be a number of solutions to this problem and everyone seems to have a different opinion and point of view about it. One solution can be to actually reward the athletes with bonuses or benefits who do not abuse drugs. Another solution can be stricter punishments for athletes who are caught outside their playing field abusing drugs. A final solution would be for the profes
Savannah, Georgia Shamu has a number of options for a new home.... -Corpus Christi, Texas -Norfolk, Virginia -Savannah, Georgia -Jacksonville, Florida The one that suits Shamu the most would have to be Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is located along the Atlantic coastal plain at 31° N latitude and 81° W Longitude. The city is surrounded by spectacular wetland marshes to the north and east and has wide sandy beaches on Tybee Island. Dozens of rivers and creeks crisscross Savannah\'s coast, offering
INTERNET CENSORSHIP: DEPRECIATING HUMAN COMMUNICATION Specific Purpose: I want my audience to feel that Internet should not be censored by any authority. Introduction: Internet today is one of the most powerful global communication tools. Millions of people are using the Internet, which is the fastest and most abundant form of information about almost any topic or subject. People can download and pull information just a mouse click away. But imagine this, sometimes in the future you are doing a
Steroids Introduction What are anabolic steroids? Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivatives of the male hormone testosterone. The full name is androgenic anabolic steroids. These products of testosterone promote the growth of skeletal muscle and increase lean body mass. Anabolic steroids were first abused by bodybuilders seeking to get an edge on the competition. Today, bodybuilders and athletes use anabolic steroids to enhance performance and also to improve physical appearance. Steroids are
Kane County My County report is on Kane. Its County seat is Kanab and it was settled in 1864, but then abandoned. Kanab was then later resettled in 1870 at the very request of Brigham Young. Kane County was named after Thomas L. Kane, an eccentric young Pennsylvanian who had helped the Mormons as a friend through a difficult time during the Mormon War. He also had many political connections in Washington D.C. During President Polk\'s Administration, 1845 -1849, and played a roll in the calling
Juvenile Delinquency Remember doing something mischievous or wrong when you were a kid and getting the label delinquent slapped on you ? Did you ever wonder what it meant ? That is what my topic for today is . . . juvenile delinquency. In this report I will: define juvenile delinquency, give the extent of juvenile delinquency, give some suggestions on what causes juvenile delinquency, and what is being done in various communities to deal with this growing problem. The legal term juvenile delin
Legalization or Prohibition of Marijuana Legalization and Prohibition 2 Marijuana is the spanish name for a mixture of dried leaves, stems, seeds and flowering tops, which come from the Cannabis plant. The primary psychoactive ingredient that is isolated is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabolin or THC. This is concentrated from the resin of the plant and can be produced differently to prepare various potencies of marijuana. Environment and genetics can also effect the potency. The plant itself can grow i
Ergonomics Business strive for high production at low cost. This would result in the highest profit for a company. To many businesses, this is only a mirage. This is because the \'low cost\' of the business usually results in a \'high cost\' for the employees. This high cost is lower quality workplace items, lower salaries, less benefits, etc. These costs create an upset workplace environment. Companies understand that the more efficient their workers are, the more productive their business will
Cole Porter (1891-1964) American composer & lyricist Biography Cole\'s family Cole Porter\'s name derives from the surnames of his parents, Kate Cole and Sam Porter. Kate\'s father, James Omar (known as J. O.), was an influential man both in the community and in Cole\'s early life. J.O. started from humble beginnings as son of a shoemaker, but his business savvy and strong work ethic made him the richest man in Indiana. Despite J.O.\'s obsessive drive for making money, he took time off to marry
The Legalization of Marijuana for All Purposes Drugs are major problem in our society today. Although the Canadian government has taken measures against drugs, in stiffening laws concerning the cultivation and trafficking of drugs and various media awareness programs, the problem continues to get worse. The government is exercising many options to control the problem or even solve the problem. It seems as if the war on drugs is a futile war or at least next to impossible to win. The government
HISTORY Early Explorers Spanish, Dutch or Japanese explorers may have stopped at the Hawaiian Islands as early as the 1500’s. But the rest of the world did not hear of the islands until Captain James Cook of the British Navy discovered them on January 18, 1778. Captain Cook named the Hawaiian Islands “The Sandwich Islands” in honor of the Earl of Sandwich who was the first Lord of the British admiralty. The island people treated Captain Cook very well because they thought he was a god. In l779,
Tahiti Dear: Vacationer I am glad you have chosen Tahiti as your vacation spot. I think you should have some history on the island. Tahiti was discovered in 1768 by French explorer Louis Antoine de Bougainville who claimed the island for France. Here are facts on the island. The size of the island of Tahiti is 1036 The island is consisted of two circular, uneven parts. The total population of Tahiti’s island is 130,000 people. The capital city of Papeete has 23,555 people of that populati
The Trip to Jamaica Brian Robeson was a thirteen-year-old boy that lived through an extraordinary experience. He lived in New York City for thirteen years until “it” happened. His parents divorced and Brian knew exactly why. It wasn’t just the fights that caused the break up, there was something else. One day when Brian was biking with his friend, he saw his mother with another man outside of the mall. After the split-up, Brian’s father moved up to Canada, where Brian was to visit him every summ
Drugs and Their Effects on Business Adam Kidd Kevin Kehrwald Eng 101 11-27-98 We all know that people are heavily using drugs for recreational purposes. What we don\'t know or haven\'t realized yet is that it is becoming more common for drug users to get high before or even at work. Stoned workers are inefficient and are costing companies millions in accidents and lost productivity. The problem has become so big, companies have banded together to form rehabilitation programs to help the affect
Chinese Architecture Traditional Chinese architecture can be classified into four categories: residential houses, royal palaces, recreational structures, and temples. The basic feature of the Chinese architecture is rectangularity-shaped units of space joined together into a whole. Their style combines rectangular shapes varying in size and position according to importance into an organic whole. Each level is clearly distinguished. So, these Chinese style buildings have a powerful and appealing
Physical Fitness Physical fitness and physical activity are very important throughout my personal life. They are also important in planning my career goals. As I have grown up, I have always been an active person. Sports and physical activity have been a big part of my daily routine. Since I can remember, I have always been a part of a sports team. When I was not competing on a sports team in a sanctioned league, I was always playing some kind of sport with my friends for recreational purposes.
Marijuana Cannabis Cannabis names any of a number of families of bushy cane plants (including cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis.) Different members of these families have adapted or been bred for various purposes. Despite the variety of uses these plants posess, policy has kept cultivation of any cannbis plant illegal in many countries around the globe. Hemp Cannabis bred for industrial use is often referred to as industrial hemp. Hemp appears to be a very promising natura
HIV Virus The Invisible Tyrants A Brief History of the H.I.V. Virus February 27th, 1994 Frank Mancini [email protected] Supposedly 1.6 million years have passed since the earliest human like ancestors. 250,000 years since the earliest Homo Sapiens and 1962 years since Jesus Christ was executed. Although not everyone agrees on whether the existence of Christ is true or not, that is what the standard calendar defining days and time is based upon and that is the way we deal economically and politic
Cyber Frontier Thesis: The vast cyber-frontier is being threatend with censorship from the government. Internet censorship should be left up to the individual not the governments discretion. I. Censoring the Internet. A. Clinton passes the C.D.A. B. Our rights as Americans. C. Exon\'s victory. D. What\'s really online. E. Strike to free expresson on Compuserve. II. Where the Internet stands now. A. Judges Panel. B. Congress and other\'s opinions. C. Background information. D. Other opinions. III
CONTENT ON THE INTERNET: FREE OR FETTERED? Focus: This paper examines the nature of the problem caused by potentially offensive material on the Internet and summarizes current efforts to regulate content, along with reactions to those efforts. 1. Introduction: what is the problem? Earlier last year, anyone could have been forgiven for believing that the world had just discovered the Internet, and that it had, in the process, concluded that the Internet was awash with pornographic images, drugs i
History of Volleyball Volleyball originally was mintonette by YMCA director William C. Morgan the man credited with in inventing volleyball in 1895. The game was developed for people who found it difficult to play the sport of basketball. Volleyball involved learning only few skills instead of the many required by basketball. The name was changed to Volleyball in 1896 by Alfred T. Halstead. Adding the skill of spiking which was developed in the Philippines has made the game more difficult ov
Drug Use Trends in drug use among youth are indirectly attributable to trends in society. Although drugs have always been around in one form or another, their early influences on society trace back to just before the 1930’s. Marijuana was a popular drug among Mexican laborers, jazz musicians, and so-called beatniks. Then after major social changes that took place in 1930, The government cracked down on marijuana use. In 1937, the Marijuana Tax Act…made the use and sale of marijuana without a
Marijuana To the AIDS or cancer patient, it is the plant that fights nausea and appetite loss. To the nutritionist, its seed is second only to the soybean in nutritional value, and is a source of cooking oil and vitamins. To the paper or cloth manufacturer, it is the plant that provided much of our paper and clothing for hundreds of years and produces four times more fiber per acre than trees. To the environmentalist, it is the plant that could greatly slow deforestation, restore robbed nutrient
George Lucas George Lucas was born on May 14,1944. He was born and raised in the city of Modesto, California, which is around 1 1/2 hours east from the city of Oakland, California. George grew up on a walnut farm, earning allowance by cutting grass. As a young boy, George was greatly influenced by comic books, Rock and Roll, and the television documentary series, Victory at Sea. George was a classic uninterested, alienated student of the fifties for whom the stultifying atmosphere of public edu
Industrial Revolution A report concerning critical thinking and the Industrial Revolution. The 18th century brought about many changes to European countries. Advancements in science, technology and engineering brought about an improvement in living conditions to the widespread area. The improved living conditions induced an increase of population by the millions. From 1750-1800, the English population grew from 6 to 9 million and the French population grew from 19 to an enormous increase of 26 m
Ancient Rome Roman games were much like Greek games, but there was more physical contact sports such as Gladiator combats, man against beast, and water battles. Chariot races were the same as the Greek chariot races. Rome had many different types of chariots. Biage were chariots pulled by two horses, and quadrigae chariots were pulled by four horses. Each race had 12 chariots going on one track at once. The racers would take 7 laps around the arena which would be a total of 5 miles long. Teams o
Alcoholism This is a report on Alcohol. I will explain what is first. Then I will explain you what effects come with using it. Next I will tell you some risks on it. Now I will tell you where you can help. alcoholic beverages. It’s Alcohol is the active chemical ingredient in beer, wine, and other a potentially addictive drug. Alcohol is a depressant of the central nervous system. It is the most widely used recreational drug in the world. Alcohol first affects the parts of the brain involving em
People Key Terms Pat Garrett- He was born in Alabama, and was a buffalo hunter, cowboy, horse rancher, Texas Ranger, and twice a sheriff. He was the Sheriff of New Mexico in 1880 and in 1897. He was the man who hunted, found, and shot William H. Bonney (a.k.a. Billy the Kid). How he died in 1908 is not certain. Wounded Knee Creek- The site of an Indian Reservation, Wounded Knee is in the Pine Ridge Sioux Reservation, South Dakota. This was the location of the last major battle between federal
Juvenile Delinquency in America and its causes Remember doing something mischievous or wrong when you were a kid and getting the label delinquent slapped on you ? Did you ever wonder what it meant ? That is what my topic for today is . . . juvenile delinquency. In this report I will: define juvenile delinquency, give the extent of juvenile delinquency, give some suggestions on what causes juvenile delinquency, and what is being done in various communities to deal with this growing problem. The
TAE KWON DO Tae Kwan Do is the traditional Korean martial art, which literally means the are of fist and foot fighting. Tae Kwon Do has been practiced for many centuries, tracing back as far as 50 BC, and will become an Olympic event in the 2000 games in Sydney. The earliest records of Tae Kwan Do practice date back to about 50 BC. (Park pg.1) During this time, Korea was divided into three kingdoms:(1) Silla, Koguryo, and Baekche. Silla had been founded in 87 BC, Baekche in 18 BC southwest of th
Hong Kong Physical Hong Kong is a territory that has 236 islands and an area of mainland that borders the southwest coast of China. Hong Kong covers about 386 square miles. It has many contrasts. Such as: high rise buildings, and busy streets. And there are country sides with very few people at all. Hong can has very few lakes or large rivers. But it has a deep natural harbor, that is one of the best in the world. The name Hong Kong means Fragrant Harbor. Land is the best natural resource Ho
Net Censorship Most of us have used it. Most of us find it useful, Some of us find it entertaining. Some of us find it offensive. “It” is the Internet. The Internet has dramatically changed our society. It brings together people and their ideas from all around the world in a short amount of time. It is expanding daily to allow new ideas and thought s to be transmitted quickly and easily with the single click of a button. One can find information on almost any subject there. Yet many people are t
Legalized Drugs The question of whether to legalize drugs or not is a very controversial and important issue. ¡¡Drugs affect so many areas of society. The U.S. population has an extremely high rate of alcohol and drug abuse (Grolier).¡¡ Several groups have formed and spoken out regarding their position. Speaking Out Against Drug Legalization is the first step in helping to deliver the credible, consistent message about the risks and costs of the legalization of drugs to people in terms that m
Caffeine Millions of Americans start the day off with a cup of coffee. However, caffeine its active ingredient is a drug that can be harmful and even fatal if used in excess. Does this make Juan Valdez and his trusty donkey drug traffickers? It all depends on how the stimulant is used. Some athletes use illegal drugs such as steroids, human growth hormone, and cocaine to enhance their performance. Nevertheless, is it wrong to use legal drugs, such as stimulants, for the same reason? Caffeine doe
Functionalist Perspectives SSS 100 April 21, 2004 As the years passing by, popular culture has becoming more effective in people’s lives. People express their culture through traditions in food, clothing, recreations and ceremonies; also through the education system and institutions of learning, including museums and libraries. It has a great impact arts; however without the support of the philosophers such as Durkeim Emile who stated that functionalist perspectives, is the assumption that socie
Gambling Through the years, gambling has become America\'s pastime. Over 60 million Americans make some sort of wager every day.1 When compared to other recreations (in billions of dollars) in 1990, gambling institutions made 2.2 more than magazine sales, 8.3 more than book sales, 20.9 more than theaters, and a whopping 21.8 more than movies.2 This number has increased to this high level because of the growth in the amount of legalized gambling establishments and the accessibility to these estab
NEW ATLANTIS WE sailed from Peru, where we had continued by the space of one whole year, for China and Japan, by the South Sea, taking with us victuals for twelve months; and had good winds from the east, though soft and weak, for five months\' space and more. But then the wind came about, and settled in the west for many days, so as we could make little or no way, and were sometimes in purpose to turn back. But then again there arose strong and great winds from the south, with a point east; whi
Income Through the years, gambling has become America\'s pastime. Over 60 million Americans make some sort of wager every day.1 When compared to other recreations(in billions of dollars) in 1990, gambling institutions made 2.2 more than magazine sales, 8.3 more than book sales, 20.9 more than theaters, and a whopping 21.8 more than movies.2 This number has increased to this high level because of the growth in the amount of legalized gambling establishments and the accessibility to these establis