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History Men M edici, Lorenzo de: From Italy during the Renaissance. The Medici’s riches gained them political control in Florence. They established one of the first public libraries in Europe. The most notable and most generous patron of the Medici family was Lorenzo de Medici, called “Il Magnifico”. Italian Humanist Writers P etrarch, Francesco: (1304 – 1374) From Italy. Known as the “Father of Humanism”. He was the son of a Florentine merchant. As a youth, he followed his father’s wishes and e
Thomas Jefferson: Great American November 2, 2003 A.P. U.S. History 5th Hour As the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson\'s accomplishments and leadership ability virtually changed the course of history. While Jefferson is best known for his political career, his talents didn’t end there. His interests were boundless, he was a philosopher, educator, naturalist, scientist, inventor, pioneer in scientific farming, musician, and writer, and he was the a one of the leading spokesme
An Analysis of Heart of Darkness Conrad\'s novel, Heart of Darkness, relies on the historical period of imperialism in order to describe its protagonist, Charlie Marlow, and his struggle. Marlow\'s catharsis in the novel, as he goes to the Congo, rests on how he visualises the effects of imperialism. Marlow\'s change, as caused by his exposure to the imperialistic nature of the historical period in which he lived is one of the main concerns of our study.Because, Joseph Conrad develops themes of
Metallica 1980 A young Lars Ulrich was addicted to the NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal), and he tried to put his own band together. At this point, his attempt failed, but he placed an ad in a magazine called Recycler, to which one James Hetfield answered. James and Lars met up to jam, but nothing became of this first meeting. Summer 81 Lars went to the UK to follow Diamond Head around for 3 months on tour. On his return he secured a deal to record a track for the Metal Blade compilation
Evolution of Black Music in America African American Studies 4/7/04 The Blues Blues is a form of music that grew from the social realities of Blacks in the American South during the last two decades of the 19th century. Early or Rural Blues is probably the oldest form of blues we know. Dominated by men, it used strong vocals accompanied by instruments like the acoustic guitar, piano, and harmonica. It was usually performed by one person or a small group. This was a secular type of music focusing
Franz Liszt Johannes Brahms Many composers have achieved greatness in the music world, but two in particular are very unique. Franz Liszt and Johannes Brahms have stood the test of time as outstanding composers in many similar and different ways, in both their music and their lives. In each musician’s life, the music is not the only important aspect of his or her creation. Many composers and performers create music that is inspired by their lifestyles or past events, even the regions in which th
Medieval and Renaissance InstrumentsAn Illustration of Several Rare and Popular Musical Instruments Music History I Throughout history, many new instruments were created and transformed into tools for creating great works of music. However, there are also some instruments that do not have such a successful history and are, tragically, sometimes forgotten about. The Renaissance was a time of heightened artistry and musical interest, which spawned new creative instruments for a generation of origi
Paul’s Struggle Paul had never been content with his life in a small house on Cordelia Street in Pittsburgh. His mother died years, leaving him no recollection of her. His father was abusive and had high expectations of Paul. Unfortunately for both of them, Paul did not want to live up to these expectations. He had no care for school, and behaved disorderly and audaciously. He did not get along with his teachers or peers. He lacked respect for teachers, insulting them in ways that would lead to
African Immersion Series Critique # 2 On the night of Saturday, March sixth, in the Center for the Arts Concert Hall, six men emerged on stage in tribal African robes and engaged the audience with music from the Fulani people of West Africa. The concert was the culminating event of the African Immersion series that took place on the Middlebury College campus during the month of February. About 100 community members, including Middlebury students and faculty, enjoyed an hour of distinctive Fulani
File Sharing…Simply No Right Answer 2/3/04 English Comp 102 Essay 2 Over the past few years the concept of file sharing has exploded into not only popularity, but also into controversy as record labels started to experience a decline in their sales. I download songs almost everyday, and it never crosses my mind that it is illegal, or that I would ever consider an alternative to the way that I do it now. It is simply that it is the way I’ve grown up; I discovered the first popular program that al
Jazz What do Duke Ellington, Bessie Smith, George Gershwin, and Louis Armstrong mean to us today? All these names to us don’t really mean anything except Jazz musicians. But, about eighty years ago in the 1920’s, these names meant a lot more. These names meant “father” of the trumpet, Empress of Blues, the Song Plunger, and the Greatest. Every musician wanted to be a Louis Armstrong or a Bessie Smith, and everyone looked up to them. The 1920’s was a huge decade for the phenomena known as “Jazz”.
The Renaissance Era Historical Events 1500 – 1600: DL: African Slaves are taken across the Atlantic to work on sugar plantations – 1510. ED : University of Valencia founded – 1500 RP : Ahmed ad Mansur leads Moroccans into a battle against the Songhai – 1500 VA : Nuts and Bolts are first used in Europe – 1550’s. M : William Shakespeare is born – 1564. PH : Elizabeth I begins her reign as Queen of England – 1588. ST : The First toilet is invented – 1589. LT: Sir Walter Raleigh born - 1552 PH : Pol
How the Lives of Composers influenced their Music. Music Essay I have chosen this title for my essay because of the little attention the human lives of composers of the Baroque era received, whiched caused the circumstances for the music to be created. From reading and researching this idea, I have come to the conclusion that hugely important circumstances by chance or by choice in the lives of the composers dictated the music. In my opinion it is no coincidence that the greatest composers of t
John Coltrane Jazz, taking its roots in African American folk music, has evolved, metamorphosed, and transposed itself over the last century to become a truly American art form. More than any other type of music, it places special emphasis on innovative individual interpretation. Instead of relying on a written score, the musician improvises. For each specific period or style through which jazz has gone through over the past seventy years, there is almost always a single person who can be credit
Miles Davis and the Jazz Age Jazz History and Literature 22 April 2004 One of the most popular jazz musicians of all time is Miles Davis. Davis brought many new sounds and sights to the world of jazz. In his time, he had influence as an innovative bandleader, as well as a composer. Davis\'s pure sound was a major part of his unparalleled success. Miles Davis was born on May 26, 1926. He spent his childhood years in East St. Louis. His father was tough, but seemed to have Miles\' best interests i
A Theme for the Masses Delivered by August Wilson 11/23/03 Essay #3 “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” displays a typical blues recording session in 1920’s Chicago. It is an era where the traditional blues style is beginning to take a significant turn to meld with jazz in reflection to the wildness of the city. Chicago’s a “rough city……….a city of millionaires and derelicts, gangsters and roughhouse dandies” and in still a place where African-Americans struggle for a foothold in society. The play takes
Chuck Berry Who is Chuck Berry? Why maybe the most widely styled musician in history. He is known for his rhythm blues, pop, and the newest type of music in the 1950s rock and roll. I will talk about how Chuck started, what got him big, and the influence he spread through out the music industry. When done reading this report you might find Chuck Berry to be the most intriguing person in African-American history, or you might find him to be just another lucky guitarist to get big. It was 1955, as
W.Sumith Wickramasinghe of Sri Lanka Sumith Wickramasinghe was born on the island of Ceylon as it was known in 1935. His illustrious parents were Wickremarachige Subatheris and Somawathie Wickramasinghe - both his parents were Headteachers in two different village schools - Sumith\'s mother was Principal of Ambaraluwa Maha Vidyalaya in the village in Weliweriya in the Gampaha district. To this day Sri Lanka enjoys one of the highest literacy rates in Asia - the key message is education, educatio
1ÜüWorking With Drug Addicts There are a myriad of attitudes concerning drug addiction, and drug addicts. (From here on we will refer to persons addicted to drugs and/or alcohol as one group: drug addicts.) Unfortunately, there are still those who believe this condition to be the result of poor judgement, or perhaps a flawed character. The consensus among modern health care professionals, including the American Medical Association (AMA), is that drug addiction is a disease. Theories concerning i
Political Content on TV In critically analysing the New Zealand TV1 Tonight late news broadcast I suspect I will find a lot of structure to it that applies to most New Zealand news broadcasting. Structure on our public news broadcasts is adhered to so as to provide the public with what they want to see. The structure means that the public generally is guaranteed to get a little bit of everything and to a degree know that this is the case. Structure in news keeps a niche audience loyal as well. W
Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes is one of the most famous romantic painters. Born in the town of Fuendetodos, near Sargasso, on March 30, 1746 to a middle-class family, Goya even at young age had a will of his own. He was not just a painter, but an adventurous young man. At the age of fourteen, he became an apprentice of Jose Luzan, although, as Goya himself admitted, his true masters were, besides nature, Velazquez and Rembrandt. At twenty-four, he managed
Music Music has been around for thousands of years. Music appeals to everyone. When was the last time you have heard someone say, I hate all music. ? Lately though music has been criticized for corrupting teen\'s minds. Rap is being blamed for all the crimes and murders in cities all over America and heavy metal is being blamed for giving teens only dark images and thoughts in their minds. Although the Media and public criticize rap and rock music and blame the music for influencing teens negati
Human Cloning is Wrong I bet many of you have seen Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Multiplicity, or many of the other movies that describe cloning. Most of what you see in these movies is false. What you don\'t know if that cloning could be dangerous, to the clone and to our society as a whole. It\'s unethical to have a human clone. What about identity? Humans are guaranteed the right to their own personality. What would happen if we overrode those rights by giving them someone else\'s genetic identit
Is cloning ethical and should it be pursued? Is cloning ethical and should it be pursued? Cloning is the method of producing a baby that has the identical genes to one person. In February 1997, embryologist Ian Wilmut and his colleagues at Roslin Institute in Scotland announced, that they cloned a sheep named Dolly from the udder cells of a ewe. (1),. The announcement of Dolly\'s birth attracted enormous press interest, perhaps because Dolly drew attention to the theoretical possibility of cloni
Jimi Hendrix: Rock \'n\' Roll Legend The extraordinary performances, recording, and lyrics of James Marshall Hendrix have made him impossible to forget. This American rock music guitarist made a legendary mark not only in the history of rock \'n\' roll but also on the pop culture as a whole (Ross 32). With unique techniques never seen before and blatant sex-related performances on stage, he became one of the most influential music figures of the 60s (Kamin). Hendrix was not born into stardom nor
John Lennon’s Assassination Appendix 1 When I first started my research I decided to use an Internet source because it seemed like it would be very simple to find information on the Internet. After searching fro hours and not finding much information on the Internet I decided to go look at my packet at some websites that could help me, I went to, and searched from there. I found some periodicals on a website and continued to search on different sites. I found some information abou
Ludwig van Beethoven Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827), the second-oldest child of the court musician and tenor singer Johann van Beethoven, was born in Bonn. Ludwig\'s father drilled him thoroughly with the ambition of showcasing him as a child prodigy. Ludwig gave his first public performance as a pianist when he was eight years old. At the age of eleven he received the necessary systematic training in piano performance and composition from Christian Gottlob Neefe, organist and court musician i
Seamus Heaney Seamus Heaney was born in the year of 1939 on a farm called “Mossbawn”, in the county of Derry, Ireland. In many of Heaney’s poems, we can see his own personal approach to the subject. In the four poems I am reviewing, his themes are that of : - the Irish landscape - prehistoric ritual killings and the contemporary killings of today in the North - deep love for his wife - fading tradition/ time and change *I am starting off with Heaney’s poem called “Bogland”. The themes of this po
Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix was an American rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter, considered one of the best guitarists in rock-and-roll music, and who died at the height of his fame in 1970. He was born James Marshall Hendrix in Seattle, Washington. Hendrix began his short career by touring with a number of rhythm and blues shows witch carried him from 1961until 1966. In 1966 Jimi moved to England and founded the Jimi Hendrix Experience, a trio that included Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding. The
Sound Recording and Reproduction Sound recording and reproduction can be defined as keeping sound in the form it was meant to be, by the use of electrical, mechanical, or optical means, or by combination of the three. This makes reproducing the sound much easier. You can reproduce the sound at will through stereo systems. The sound quality of a recording is usually decided by the fidelity of the recorded sounds. The best recordings are called high fidelity. They reproduce the original sounds wit
Rock Music For many, Rock music started as a rebellious movement. People that saw rock music emerge never thought that it would create its own sense of awareness. Rock musicians have always had something to say about the environment they live in. During the 60\'s, rock music was transformed from a vague form of art to something that opened many people\'s eyes. The musicians of the sixties were influenced by the world around them. The musicians in the sixties made it possible for many others to c
The Jungle Sinclair\'s book ,The Jungle probably had to do the most with the fact that he himself was a Socialist. He was brought up in Baltimore, and his family was considerately poor. His father was not very successful at his job and for this reason it seems good to believe he became a Socialist because in communist countries it is said that all people are treated equal. An opposite of this book would be ‚Animal Farm, which Sinclair has probably never read. This other novel shows the bad sid
Poignantly Punk Marissa McConnell 9/11/98 ENG 105 The teen years are when you question your identity and as a reflex action you rebel against authority. You can rebel as a rapper, a heavy metal headbanger, a punk, a surfer - the usual menu of approved teen rebellions most often explored. It is within these years that the world seems turned against you and you need to find some way to react and cope with all the confusion; to try to find a way to make sense of all the craziness. I guess I identif
Jimmy Page On January 9, 1944 James Patrick Page was born. It was on that day the amazing story of the greatest rock and roll band ever was begun. Jimmy Page began playing the guitar not long after he was old enough to take his first few steps. He learned at a fierce pace, and was to the guitar as Beethoven was to the piano. The first piece of the Led Zeppelin puzzle was in place. In a small England village, not far away, Robert Anthony Plant was brought into the world. The most recognized voice
The Beatles I believe that it is the music of our time that will be remembered long after we are gone, and it is bands like Oasis that led the revolution which took place recently. Oasis, headed by brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher was the first band after The Beatles to lash out against what had become the normal way a band should be, and that is why they will be known for years to come as the band who changed rock music. Noel Gallagher was born on May 29, 1967 in Manchester, he was the second s
Apollo Apollo was one of the 12 major Greek deities, and was considered the Greek ideal of moderation, which was the golden mean. He was the god of the hunt, healing, light, music, and truth, and was well respected by the Greeks. Apollo represents youthful masculinity and he epitomizes the transition between adolescence and manhood in Greek society. Another important role played by Apollo in Greek mythology is that he is the leader of the Muses, who were the daughters of Zeus. Zeus was also Ap
Whistler Outline I. Jim Morisson was a great musician. A. Opening: 1. Doors recording studio 2. “Light My Fire” 3. Smash TV into window B. Person: Jim Morisson C. Main Points: 1. Personal life 2. Professional life 3. Accomplishments II Morisson had a tough childhood. A. Personal life 1. Family life a. strange relationship (1.) Said family was dead (2.) They weren’t actually dead b. Father (1.) US Naval officer (2.) Never home 2. Childhood a. Born December 8, 1943 Melbourn FL b. Important Event (
Benny Goodman “We kiss and the angels sing….” (We. Pg.1) such was the power of the words of a man called Benny Goodman. In his career which spanned 50 years, Benny made an impact on the world of music unlike anyone else before him. He received titles such as “King of Swing” but had to share/dispute over “The best clarinet player in the world” with another musician. He was in sense a musician’s musician, a man who allowed music to rule his life and define who and what he was. “Benny” Goodman was
Life of A Pioneer Born in Washington D.C. in 1899, he started piano lessons when he was a boy, by the age of seventeen, he played professionally. In 1923, he moved to New York City where he played in small nightclubs, theaters, and on the radio, later played at one of the most popular nightclubs of the time in Harlem, The Cotton Club. Lead his orchestra for more than fifty years. Duke Ellington unarguably, was one of the greatest jazz composers that had ever lived. Born in Washington D.C. on Apr
The Golden Age of Greece The ancient statues and pottery of the Golden Stone Age of Greece were much advanced in spectacular ways. The true facts of Zeus’s main reason for his statue. The great styles of the Kouros and the Kore. The story of The Blinding of Polphemus, along with the story of Cyclops. The Dori and Ionic column stone temples that were built in Greece that had an distinctive look. The true colors of the vase, Aryballos. The vase that carried liquids from one place to another. The L
Jimi Hendrix A legend was born on November 27, 1942 in Seattle with the name of James Allen Hendrix. He was a true American of Black, White and Cherokee blood. As a child, James who later changed his name to Jimi, was very shy and was raised by friends and family. He grew up in different homes that ranged from city life to living on the Cherokee reservation with his grandmother. With all of the difficulties that he struggled with in his early life he found refuge in music. His father bought him
Metallica A Textual Analysis of Nothing Else Matters by Metallica: An Open Mind and True Heart Metallica plays heavy metal music. This is a common stereotype of the band. Their songs consist of nothing but meaningless screaming, while banging their guitars as loud as possible. Hordes of incomprehensible fans jump around in circles flailing their arms in the air screaming the so-called lyrics to their songs. It is not music. Numerous people believe this in all sincerity. The song Nothing Els
Louis Armstrong The prolific trumpeter who became a world ambassador for jazz, Louis Armstrong learned to blow on a bugle in reform school when he was 13. His intuitive genius for improvisation changed the course of jazz, but after the 1940s mugging dominated his performances and he had his greatest success as a pop singer. Louis Daniel Armstrong popularly known as Satchmo and Pops was born on July 4, 1900, in New Orleans, the birthplace of American jazz. His father, Willie, was a day laborer in
Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States, was one of the most brilliant men in history. His interests were boundless, and his accomplishments were great and varied. He was a philosopher, educator, naturalist, politician, scientist, architect, inventor, pioneer in scientific farming, musician, and writer, and was the foremost spokesmen for democracy in his day. He was born at Shadwell in Goochland County, Virginia on April 13, 1743, to Jane Randolph and Peter Jeffer
Sonny\'s Blues The way our government treats African-Americans has improved over the years. Especially during the period of time following the Civil War when the end of slavery came. The prejudice behaviors of some of the American population did not end with last gun shot of the Civil War though. Throughout the years our country has bore trough since the conclusion of the war there has been traces of racism everywhere. It has been witnessed in our California riots via Rodney King and it has been
The History of Rasselas In Chapter 1 of The History of Rasselas, the musicians exerted the power of harmony (p. 406) over the inhabitants of the Happy Valley. Samuel Johnson\'s use of the word power is interesting in this context. He presents the musicians as controlling the Abissinian princes and princesses through the use of music. The musician\'s power is the power to entertain and to divert his listeners. In this way, he can control their thoughts and keep them from being discontent and
African Music Africa is perhaps the most mysterious continent in the world. It’s ethnic, social, and religious diversity is impressive. Attempting to discuss a cultural aspect, such as music, without limiting the scope, would be impossible. “The area of coverage has been limited to Sub-Sahara, Black Africa”(Graham1). When an individual hears the term African music, he probably thinks of the African-American forms, such as Hip-Hop or Reggae. Not many people today know what African music is all ab
Plato and Aristotle Rijo Ninan December 4, 1998 Ms. Purcell-Murphy European History Page 1 Two of the greatest philosophers of all time are Plato and Aristotle. They both had their own views on different subjects. One area where they had contrasting views was politics. Plato lived from 427 to 347 B.C. and was Athenian. He started a school called the Academy where he taught his philosophy to other people. He wrote two great books, The Symposium which was a book about love and The Republic which w
Tionne Tenese Watkins Tionne Tenese Watkins : T-Boz born: April 26, 1970 in Des Moines, Iowa began performing: started singing in church influences: Prince, Janet Jackson, Patti LaBelle role in TLC: main singer, business head of TLC Named one of People\'s \'50 Most Beautiful People of 1995 Other projects: · acting role as \'Tionne\' in Hype Williams\' 1998 film \'Belly\' · Started own companies: Shee Inc. and Grunge Girl Music · released \'Touch Myself\' - controversial song included on soundtra
The Biography of Bob Marley By: Sean Dolan Robert Nesta Marley was born in Rhoden Hall, Saint Ann, Jamaica in 1945. He started as a man just learning a welding trade taught to him in Kinston, Jamaica . While there Marley started a group in 1961 called the Rudeboys (later known as the Wailers). The Wailers included vocalists Bunny Livingston and Peter Tosh. The Wailers use a style of music called ska, which was a hybrid of Rhythm and Blues and Jamaican Mento. He was a singer, guitarist, songwrite