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The Swing Art history is the study of art works through the artistic and historical perspectives. The artistic and historical context of an art work is affected by the period of time in which it is produced. For instance, the beginning of the eighteenth century is referred to as the Rococo. One of the Rococo artists is Jean - Honore Fragonard. Fragonard was a student of Francois Boucher. Boucher is also considered to be a Rococo artist. Fragonard’s skills of the Rococo style almost exceeded his
The Pantheon The Pantheon is one of the finest and best preserved examples of ancient Roman architecture. It stands in the center of Rome. The Pantheon was constructed by Marcus Agrippa in 27 B.C. This building did not include the rotunda in back. In A.D. 123 Hadrian built the rotunda, which was later changed in design by Septimius Severus and Carcalla. When the Pantheon was being built by Hadrian, credit was given to Agrippa. A large inscription was made on the front of the portico. The Romans
Greek Review Assignment I. Effects of geography upon existence. How did they make a living? 1. rough terrain- mountain ranges separating deep valleys. 2. not enough farmland to feed people- forced to the sea to find food. 3. surrounded by seas on 3 sides, many harbors. 4. farmers raised grains, figs, olives, and grapes. 5. not enough basic food supplies led farmers to grow grapes and olives, the wine and oil could be sold abroad. 6. business in ancient Greece centered around farming. II. Types o
The Tower of London The Tower of London, the oldest fortified palace in Europe, was built by William the Conqueror in the late 1000\'s. It has served as a fortress, prison, palace, and the final resting-place of many people ("Tower of London" Encarta 1). Its history is full of amazing and horrific stories of life and death. To truly appreciate this magnificent group of structures a look must be taken into its history through it\'s architecture, uses, and those held in the prisons and dungeons. T
Development of an Electronic Customs Information System Monday, 08 September 1997 INTRODUCTION The expansion and popularity of the Internet is fast changing the way consumers access and purchase information, communicate and pay for services, and acquire and pay for goods. Today, the number of internet users are growing at an exponential rate. What this means for businesses is an abundant and highly dynamic market which is wide open to those businesses with the expertise and product to market on
ADOLF HITLER Adolf Hitler changed the course of history. His childhood strongly shaped his personality. There were many deciding factors that determined the kind of person Hitler finally became. Adolf\'s father was Alois, an illegitimate child, his mother was Marie Schickulgruber. Alois took his fathers name Hitler before Adolf was born. Alois was already a successful border guard when he was 18, and later became an Austrian customs official. He retired in 1849 after 40 years of service. He was
WORLD HISTORY: Change Gathers Steam: 1800-40 French ideals and empire spread. Inspired by the ideals of the French Revolution, and supported by the expanding French armies, new republican regimes arose near France: the Batavian Republic in the Netherlands (1795-1806), the Helvetic Republic in Switzerland (1798-1803), the Cisalpine Republic in N Italy (1797-1805), the Ligurian Republic in Genoa (1797-1805), and the Parthenopean Republic in S Italy (1799). A Roman Republic existed briefly in 1798
Virtual Reality - What it is and How it Works Imagine being able to point into the sky and fly. Or perhaps walk through space and connect molecules together. These are some of the dreams that have come with the invention of virtual reality. With the introduction of computers, numerous applications have been enhanced or created. The newest technology that is being tapped is that of artificial reality, or "virtual reality" (VR). When Morton Heilig first got a patent for his "Sensorama Simulator" i
Wireless Communications INTRODUCTION Wireless communications are becoming increasingly popular in today’s fast paced world. Mobility, portability, and instant access (via the Internet) to unlimited information have become the mantra of businesses and individuals alike. The evolution of wireless communications has been incredibly quick and the future of this technology is unlimited. The impact of this technology on our lives will be tremendous and allow us to do things we never imagined. What Is
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, usually referred to as Caravaggio after his birthplace near Milan, is one of the most important artists in the history of Western art. From his early teens into his twenties he was trained in Milan as an apprentice in the studio of a painter. He went to Rome in the early 1590s to enter the studio of a prominent painter. He lived a brief and dramatic life, and his work was sometimes shocking to the people of his time. Caravaggio
Computer Engineering WHAT IS COMPUTER ENGINEERING AND WHAT TO COMPUTER ENGINEERS DO? There is a new global infrastructure currently in place that allows instant access to information anywhere in the world. An essential component of this new infrastructure is the host machine - the computer. Computer Engineers respond to the industry\'s demand for professionals who are knowledgeable in both hardware and software components - traditionally the domains of the Electrical Engineer and the Computer Sc
World Heritage In recent times, there have been few ideas of such compelling force as the concept of World Heritage. There are places in nature and culture with a value and importance reaching far across geographical and political boundaries and becoming a heritage of the world in general. This promising idea was taken up by an International Convention of the Unesco in 1972. Today over 100 countries have joined it. This Convention does not only strengthen the idea that all countries should make
The Cathedral The outside, west façade of St. John’s Cathedral is extravagantly decorated. From the large sculptures, right down to the sets of doors, the detail of the work is majestic. You feel that you are an insignificant person while admiring all of the years of hard work that was put in to build this cathedral. Many of the outer sculptures around the main sets of doors are more contemporary. One sculpture shows a bus falling off a bridge and another shows a birth of a child. Another contem
Panama Canal World Civilization II Paper Topic: Panama Canal Members: Guayaquil - Ecuador UEES 12/10/02 Contents: 1. Introduction 2. History 3. Interest enforced 4. USA participation 5. Construction Functioning 6. Interesting facts 7. Problems 8. Future of the Panama Canal 9. Conclusion 1. - Introduction “The opening of the waterway to world commerce on August 15, 1914, represented the realization of a heroic dream of over 400 years. The 50 miles across the isthmus was one of the hardest archite
The Kingdom Of Kush World History 10B 1/23/04 South of Egypt, going more south of the Nile River, lay an area that is known as Nubia. Nubia was the home and birthplace of the kingdom of Kush. Nubia was “an important corridor of trade for gold, ivory, ebony, and ostrich feathers” (World History: People and Nations, 299). Kush was a small kingdom compared to all the others in the world. Also like other kingdoms, it had its golden age and its time of decline. The history of the kingdom is “divided
ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF STRATEGIC ALLIANCES AND JOINT VENTURES: DISCUSS WITH REFERENCE TO THE AUTO CAR INDUSTRY STRATEGIC ANALYSIS Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures Strategic alliances are partnerships whereby two or more firms choose to cooperate for their mutual benefit by combining their resources- financial, managerial, and technological as well as their competitive advantages. Alliances are often called cooperative strategies. Coopera
Creative Writing Dear Sir or Madam, Over the past four years, I have grown into an exceptional writer. When I began my high school career, I was a decent writer. Throughout my first year of high school I learned about mechanics and sentence structure. This made my technical skills improve greatly. My sophomore year the quality of my writing skills expanded and I learned more about how to use words in a more professional way and many new ways of writing, including personal narratives, short stori