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ADOLF HITLER 1. THE BEGINNING At half past six on the evening of April 20th, 1889 a child was born in the small town of Branau, Austria. The name of the child was Adolf Hitler. He was the son a Customs official Alois Hitler, and his third wife Klara. As a young boy Adolf attendated church regulary and sang in the local choir. One day he carved a symbol into the bench which resembled the Swastika he later used as the symbol of the Nazi party. He was a pretty good student. He received good marks i
Maya my\'-uh} The ancient Maya were a group of American Indian peoples who lived in southern Mexico, particularly the present-day states of Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan, and Quintana Roo, and in Belize, Guatemala, and adjacent Honduras. Their descendants, the modern Maya, live in the same regions today, in both highlands and lowlands, from cool highland plains ringed by volcanos to deep tropical rain forests. Through the region runs a single major river system, the Apasion-Usumacinta and
Adolf Hitler 1. THE BEGINNING At half past six on the evening of April 20th, 1889 a child was born in the small town of Branau, Austria. The name of the child was Adolf Hitler. He was the son a Customs official Alois Hitler, and his third wife Klara. As a young boy Adolf attendated church regulary and sang in the local choir. One day he carved a symbol into the bench which resembled the Swastika he later used as the symbol of the Nazi party. He was a pretty good student. He received good marks i
Adolf Hitler When one thinks of Hitler, one usually thinks of all the innocent people that he ordered to be slaughtered. Over six million Jews were killed on his command. When one thinks about Hitler, one probably doesn’t think about his childhood. Hitler had a very rough and harsh upbringing. His father was a drunk, and he moved a lot when he was a child. Not many people thought Hitler would amount to anything. He was lonely. He thought that all of the Jewish people had nice houses, food and sl
Introduction to the Visual Arts Throughout history art has played an intricate role in society\'s perception of life. Art is used as form of expressionism be it physical or emotional, religious or the mockery of religion. The birth of new artistic eras were due to the technological advancements of the world. Below are a few examples of works of art that from different era in our humanity. Francisco de Stefano\'s, named Pesellino during the renaissance, A Miracle of Saint Silvester is a scene rep
The Mayan civilization The Mayan civilization lasted roughly 3,000 years. The Mayan history is divided into three time periods. The first time period is called the Preclassic period, from 2,000 BC to 250 AD. During this period we saw the birth and the rise of Mayas. The second time period is called the Classic period, form 250 AD to 900 AD. During this period the Mayan culture flourished. The Classic period was the Mayans Golden Age that lasted for more than 600 years. Architecture, Science, and
FREEDOM The definition of freedom is "the power to act, speak, or think without externally imposed restraints." Living in the land of the free gives opportunity to the people to exercise free choice. In terms of education, it means allowing students to learn by intrinsic motivation. I believe that Herbert Kohl, the teacher in 36 Children, gave his students the opportunity to learn through this thing called "freedom" by allowing them to explore their curiosities, exploit their strengths and weakn
The Olympics Two and a half years ago, 1996 A.D., the world watched as the city of Atlanta, Georgia hosted the modern Olympics over a span of twenty-one days. The first modern Olympics were held 103 years earlier in 1886 at Athens, Greece. Many people don\'t know that there was an actual Ancient Greek Olympics that started over 2,500 years ago. These Olympics were also held in Greece, but not in Athens. They were held at Olympia a now archaeological site/town in the part of western Greece called
MICHELANGELO 1.Early Childhood If you don’t know about art, then you don’t know about Michelangelo Buonarotti. He was have to been the greatest and certainly the most famous artist produced by western civilization, and universally viewed as the Supreme Renaissance Artist. Throughout his achievement he has the occupation of being a : Painter, Sculptor, Architect, and also a poet. With this kind of ability this man had to have had an impact on Western Europe. As a member of the well-known Florenti
The Apostle Peter The Apostle Peter, often known as Saint Peter, was the most prominent disciple of Jesus Christ. During his life, he followed Christ with very much devotion, and truly believed in his mission and purpose. Because of his devotion, he was chosen by Jesus to become the first Pope, and to take control of the Christian church. Peter was the son of Jona and he had a younger brother called Andrew, who first brought him to Jesus. His native town was Bethsaida, on the western coast of th
The Golden Age of Greece The ancient statues and pottery of the Golden Stone Age of Greece were much advanced in spectacular ways. The true facts of Zeus’s main reason for his statue. The great styles of the Kouros and the Kore. The story of The Blinding of Polphemus, along with the story of Cyclops. The Dori and Ionic column stone temples that were built in Greece that had an distinctive look. The true colors of the vase, Aryballos. The vase that carried liquids from one place to another. The L
The Westward Spread Of Inca and Egyptian Culture The second half of the twentieth century has seen many changes in theories concerning the mode of colonization of the islands of Micronesia, and the rise of the Inca Empire, with it\'s striking similarities to Egypt. In the past, it has been suggested that Asians had worked their way through the Pacific, over a period of thousands of years. It was believed that each island group had formed independently, and that the residents, while they were of
EGYPTIAN PYRAMIDS When most people mention Ancient Egypt the first thing that comes to mind is the Pyramids. To construct such monuments required a mastery of art, architecture and social organization that few cultures would ever rival. The pyramids are said to have built Egypt by being the force that knit together the kingdom\'s economy. Their creations were so substantial, that the sight of these vast pyramids would take your breath away. Today, the valley of the Nile has an open air museum so
Sir Christopher Wren Sir Christopher Wren was born on Oct. 20, 1632, in East Knoyle, Wiltshire, England. Wren, the son of a rector, was the youngest child, the only boy, and delicate in health. Before Christopher was three, his father was appointed dean of Windsor, and the Wren family moved into the court. It was among the intellectuals around Charles I that the boy first developed his mathematical interests. His life at Windsor was disrupted by the outbreak of civil war in 1642. The deanery was
Rome The trial and ultimate death of Socrates may possibly be one of the most unjust verdicts imposed in the world’s history. Socrates was merely a radical thinker in a transitional time in Athens, and after Athens lost the Peloponnesian War to Sparta, Socrates’ principles were just not tolerated. Roman westward expansion and militant domination had yet to happen, as did the trial and death of Jesus Christ. The year was 399 BCE and Athens was a strong and proven democratic government. Athenians
The Middle Ages Scott Flanagan Period1, 12/17/96 Table of Contents Map of Middle Ages Europe.......................................................................................3 Map of Modern Europe...............................................................................................4 Charlemange’s Eulogy...............................................................................................5 Charlemange’s Empire.................................................................
Adolf Hitler At half past six on the evening of April 20th, 1889 a child was born in the small town of Branau, Austria. The name of the child was Adolf Hitler. He was the son a Customs official Alois Hitler, and his third wife Klara. As a young boy Adolf attenuated church regularly and sang in the local choir. One day he carved a symbol into the bench which resembled the Swastika he later used as the symbol of the Nazi party. He was a pretty good student. He received good grades in most of his c
Italy By. Sean Burnham & Andy Price Location, Size, and Surrounding Waters Italy is a country that looks like a boot. It has a population of about 57.8 million people. It is 116,305 square miles in area. Some of the surrounding waters are the Tyrrhenian Sea, which is west of Italy. The Adriatic Sea, which is east of Italy, and Ionian Sea, that is southeast of Italy. The capital city of Italy is Rome. Rivers and Mountains Some of the rivers in Italy include the Po River, which is the biggest, and
Michelangelo All his life Michelangelo thought of himself as a sculptor rather than as painter. He in fact was npt a painter. All his paintings generally resembled polychromed sculpture. Michelangelo left his family in order to devote the money he made and pass it along for his families re-establisnment. Michelangelo used male models for his monumental female figures and it is hard to deciede on whether the subject is a young man or woman. Michelangelo signed many contracts. Some of them were: T
The Great Chicago Fire Chicago in October 1871 was high and dry. It was a very warm evening, with gusty winds coming off the prairie, blowing to the Northeast persistently all day long. The city was a ripe kindling, waiting to burn. Most of the buildings in then “modern” day Chicago were built of wood, as were some 600 miles of sidewalk and 55 miles of street, in which yellow pine was used to elevate pedestrians above the marshy ground on which Chicago’s nearly 300,000 residents sat on. There wa
The Inca As you gaze at the society you live in today, you are accustomed to your culture; your religion, language, government, food, and basically your way of life. What is amazing is that there are thousands of other cultures, all being different in one way or another. It could be said that the most mysterious and interesting of cultures are tose of the ancient world. One of those cultures that we know a good deal about is the Incans. Their span was rather short, yet they accomplished so much.
An Introduction to the Active Platform Microsoft has a very \'active\' perspective on how application architectures should be created. For that matter, the word \'active\' or more specifically, the term ActiveX, has become a standard part of packaging just about every product concept released from Microsoft within the last year. Active Platform is the name given to Microsoft\'s component-based application development model for the Web. Active Platform is divided into three major sections: · Acti
Harvard University Le Corbusier\'s Carpenter Center and H.H. Richardson\'s Sever Hall at Harvard University have similarities and many obvious differences. They both serve the same purpose, and that is to serve as a tool in the education of blossoming artists, architects, and photographers. The irony is that they are used for the same purpose, but their forms are so drastically different. The Carpenter Center, built in 1963 is unique that it is Le Corbusier\'s only American building. Its abstrac
Spain: A Country’s History and Economics In order to appreciate a country’s present, future, and economics, it is first vital that one first look at the past. Spain’s early history was known to Mediterranean people as far back as the Stone Age. In eleven hundred B.C. colonies were established first by the Phoenicians and were followed by subsequent colonization by the Carthaginians as well as Greeks. These colonies lasted for some time until they were conquered by the Romans in the second centur
Civilizations It was 3 milleniums BC that the first civilizations started to develop in the ancient orient (ancient Near East), Mesopotamia and Egypt. There were other great civilizations that were developing at about the same time like ancient China. These three civilizations were developed around river valleys. The Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations both used religions and mystical beliefs to built their ethical views so did the Shang civilization of ancient China. These great civilizatio
Egyptian and Roman Burial Rites Egyptian and Roman burial rites differ in many ways. In the ways that they were buried. Egyptians were mostly mummified, while Romans were buried in tombs. The people who had these extravagant burials were mostly members of the upper class. There is a special process that both, the Egyptians and Romans, went through to bury a person. When a noble or a family member of an Egyptian family died, their body had to be prepared for burial. The dead body was taken to the
Routers and Switches January 31, 1999 It is a networking wonder for the student why some Networking Administrators uses Routers while others use Switches. It is the students purpose to explain first the difference why some prefer to use Routers in one instance over Switches and vice versa. To began the explanation, it is first necessary to explain what a Router is, as well as, what is a Switch. To begin the answer to these questions it is necessary to explain how information is passed along a Ne
Ukraine LAND Ukraine\'s size is about 233,000 sq. miles. It is located to the north of the Black Sea. It is bordered by Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Poland. Most of the land is flat. The only uplands are the Carpathian Mountains, located in the southwest part of the country, and the Crimean Mountains, located along the southern coast. The climate of Ukraine is temperate and subtropical. PEOPLE Ukraine has a population of about 52 million people. This represents 18% of the population of
When IP met Sonet In the article entitled “When IP met Sonet,” editorial director of Telephony discusses the integration of Internet Protocol and the synchronous optical network; mainly Lucent Technologies’ attempt to create the optical and electronic interface. In October 1997, Lucent announced a $350 million investment in its fiber optic operations in Norcross, GA. (Titch 116) Northern Telecom and NEC are also working on some major fiber optics projects. Senior executive VP of NEC suggests tha
Robots Abstract The advent of the Mind Age of intelligent robots envisioned by Hans Moravec will bring profound transformations in global social and technological structures and relations of an advanced intelligence to its environment. The ability of future machines to directly share experiences and knowledge with each other will lead to evolution of intelligence from relatively isolated individual minds to highly interconnected structural entities. The development of a network of communicating
American History Timeline I. The Prohibition "Experiment" A. Eighteenth Amendment 1. Abolished alcohol 2. Popularity a) Popular- Midwest and South b) Unpopular- East B. Prohibitionists 1. Naive 2. Hostile C. Questionable Conditions 1. Many wanted to violate law just to violate it 2. Wanted a repeal 3. Speakeasies were constructed to drink in without being caught D. Home brew & Bathtub Gin 1. became increasingly popular 2. less liquor was consumed in the days before the amendment II. The Golden A
Japan The leading industrial state of Eastern Asia and of the non-Western world, Japan rivals the most advanced economic powers of the West. It rose rapidly from a crushing military defeat in World War II to achieve the fastest-growing economy of any major country in the postwar period. Today only the United States out produces it, although the industrialization of China poses a strong challenge. The Meiji Restoration of 1868 launched Japan onto the road of modernization. The Japanese skillfully
Y2k Bug Year 2000 is a serious problem and we need to prepare for it. I will clear up and get the facts strait with the year 2000, computer disaster. Dooms day? Many think it is likely. Others think the year 2000 is just like any other year. We all must prepare for the Millenium or disaster will strike. We will encounter problems including but not ending with economical, electrical, legal, and computer failure. Millenium bug, Y2K, computer failure, total disaster, these headlines will look more
Naming Conventions (Hungarian) Doug Klunder January 18, 1988 1. Introduction This document describes a set of naming conventions used by the Applications Development group. These conventions commonly go by the name "Hungarian", referring both to the nationality of their original developer, Charles Simonyi, and also to the fact that to an uninitiated programmer they are somewhat confusing. Once you have gained familiarity with Hungarian, however, we believe that you will find that the clarity of
TCP/IP: Explored And Explained TCP/IP is not a single protocol, nor is it, as its name might suggest, a pair of protocols. TCP/IP is actually a suite of protocols. In other words, it’s a large group of protocols that work together. The TCP/IP designers’ original intent was to create a protocol that could traverse various heterogeneous network environments while having the ability to take multiple routes to a final destination. This flexibility was crucial. TCP/IP, originally called NCP (Network
Tower of London The Tower of London has a very interesting story behind it. A man, who was not even English, William of Normandy began it. At the time he was the cousin of England\'s Kind Edward. It all started because William became outraged when Edward backed down on his promise to give the throne to William and ended up giving the throne to his English brother-in-law, Harold. William sailed his army across the English Channel to conquer England. On October 14, 1066, he met Harold at Hastings
HITLER At half past six on the evening of April 20th, 1889 a child was born in the small town of Branau, Austria. The name of the child was Adolf Hitler. He was the son a Customs official Alois Hitler, and his third wife Klara. As a young boy Adolf attended church regularly and sang in the local choir. One day he carved a symbol into the bench which resembled the Swastika he later used as the symbol of the Nazi party. He was a pretty good student. He received good marks in most of his classes. H
Response Paper I recently had the opportunity to visit one of the most studied and splendid displays in architecture and art in Western Civilization; The Mayan Ruins in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico. This opportunity came up rather suddenly and when I learned that I would be visiting Mexico, I knew this was one of the places I wanted to see. I have friends who have visited these ruins and spoke about their beauty as well as the challenge of climbing El Castillo of Pyramid of Kukulcan, the center
Architecture of the World by Andrew M. Rivlin English IIC-4th Block Mrs. Jump and Mr. Holtmeyer March 10, 1998 Architecture is an expression of ones mind, found around the world in many different forms. Architecture is influenced by many highlights. The countries of Japan, France, and Australia all have very different forms. Their architectural forms are expressed by religions, professions, climate, and modern technologies. From the construction of ancient buildings on scratch paper to sketches
China and Japan Shiven Patel The geography of China and Japan is quite different. They are both located in Eastern Asia, but China is apart of the mainland, while Japan is a group of islands off in the North Pacific. China, the world’s fourth largest country, is considerably larger than Japan. China has a total area of 9,596,960 square kilometers while Japan is only 377,8356 square kilometers. Of course Japan has double the coastline of China for it is an island chain. China has an eastern coast
Citizen Kane The classic masterpiece, Citizen Kane (1941), is probably the world\'s most famous and highly rated film, with its many remarkable scenes, cinematic and narrative techniques and innovations. The director, star, and producer were all the same individual - Orson Welles (in his film debut at age 25), who collaborated with Herman J. Mankiewicz on the script and with Gregg Toland as cinematographer. Within the maze of its own aesthetic, Citizen Kane develops two interesting themes. The f
The Renaissance Period The Renaissance period had a great impact in many areas. One of the most obvious areas to see is in the Renaissance art. Renaissance art was something new to everyone at the time and varied from previous art in many ways. Renaissance art and Medieval art for example had many differences. In order to see a difference between these two different styles of art, characteristics of each must first be given. The first to be discussed will be the Renaissance. The Italian Renaissa
Greek and Roman Architecture 1. Both Greek and Roman architecture differed in style. Greek sculptures were mainly statues that represented heroes of that era. They were used to portray the architect\'s views of the person or place being recreated. When reconstructing the Parthenon, three column styles were used: ionic, Corinthian, and Doric. Greeks also used paint to add a finishing touch to some sculptures. Although some Roman architecture was based on the same style as the Greek models, Romans
A Discussion on Multimedia Multimedia, or mixed-media, systems offer presentations that integrate effects existing in a variety of formats, including text, graphics, animation, audio, and video. Such presentations first became commercially available in very primitive form in the early 1980s, as a result of advances that have been made in digital compression technology-- particularly the difficult area of image compression. Multimedia online services are obtainable through telephone/computer or t
Isaac Shelby Evan Shelby Sr. came here from the mother country and brought his family to the colonies and accumulated a vast amount of wealth while here for a short time before his death. Evan Shelby Jr. his oldest son, was very active for his new home land, by obtaining the rank of Brig. General of the militia in the American Revolution and Evan Shelby Jr.\'s son Isaac Shelby a very decorated Revolutionary War hero and the first governor of Kentucky. The above mentioned gentlemen are direct anc
ADOBE MAGAZINE (Publisher - Adobe Systems Inc.) Established 1989 Editorial Profile Adobe Magazine is edited to support and educate users of Adobe\'s desktop-publishing and graphics software. Its contents include detailed software how-tos, profiles of interesting users, in-depth articles on electronic publishing-related topics, Adobe product Q&A, and profiles of industry leaders. In 1997, Adobe expanded their editorial outlook to cover a broader range of Adobe\'s publishing and digital-media prod
Microprocessors Only once in a lifetime will a new invention come about to touch every aspect of our lives. Such a device that changes the way we work, live, and play is a special one, indeed. The Microprocessor has been around since 1971 years, but in the last few years it has changed the American calculators to video games and computers (Givone 1). Many microprocessors have been manufactured for all sorts of products; some have succeeded and some have not. This paper will discuss the evolution
DYSLEXIA AND THE PHONOLOGICAL MODEL Over one hundred years ago, in November 1896, a doctor in Sussex, England, published the first description of the learning disorder that would come to be known as developmental dyslexia. "Percy F.,... aged 14,... has always been a bright and intelligent boy," wrote W. Pringle Morgan in the "British Medical Journal," "quick at games, and in no way inferior to others of his age. His great difficulty has been--and is now--his inability to learn to read.” (Sec 3)
Celestial Eyes -- from Metamorphosis to Masterpiece by Charles Scribner III 1. Francis Cugat\'s jacket for The Great Gatsby. New York: Charles Scribner\'s Sons, 1925. First Edition Facsimile published by Collectors Reprints, Inc., New York, 1988. In my 1990 F. Scott Fitzgerald seminar at the University of South Carolina, I discussed the thematic connections between The Great Gatsby and its original dust jacket, mentioning the mystery of Francis Cugat (or F. Coradal-Cugat). Little is known about
Gargoyles and the Lamassu Since the beginning of human imagination, we have fabricated the idea of power through imaginative creatures for protection. The origin of this idea dates back before the death of Christ with “bas” relief animals attached to gate walls. During the Assyrian Era, Lamassu’s guarded the gates of Sargon II, and were depicted as a winged human-headed bulls. The High relief creature were situated at adjacent sides of the gate at Khorsabad and served as a guardian to the King f