Zarria Dennis
English IV Honors
2 December 2015
Hitler\'s Rise to Power
Adolf Hitler is known for being the cause of the Holocaust. Nobody pays attention to how Hitler rose to power or to how he grew into t his anti-semiotic person. Hitler faced difficult problems in life that turned him into the person people know today. Adolf Hitler rose to power with his anti-semiotic thoughts and turned the Nazi Party i nto the ruling force in Germany. Hitler had a life before he began his dictatorship. In his childhood he suffered many strategies. He was born on April 20, 1889 to Clara Hitler and Alois Hitler. He was his parent\'s fourth child and the first to live beyond the age of two (Giblin 4). Growing up was not easy. Hitler had to deal with the backlash of his father\'s temper. Alois could not control his temper and lost it frequently. He beat his sons with a whip if they did something that was offensive to him (Giblin 5). As Hitler grew up he was faced with the decision of what career to pursue after primary school. Alois was determined that Adolf would follow his footsteps and get ready for a career in the civil service but Adolf had no interest in becoming an Austrian civil servant (Giblin 6). Adolf really wanted to become an artist because he enjoyed drawing. When it came to being in the civil service Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf " I yawned and grew sick to my stomach at the thought of sitting in an office, deprived of my liberty; leasing to be master of my own time " Instead after graduating primary school he attended a realschule because it offered classes in drawing and pleased his father (Giblin 7). While attending the realschule a tragic event happened. On January 3, 1903 Alois Hitler dropped dead at his table while drinking a glass of wine (Giblin 8). After the death of his father Hitler began to explore his real passion art. He went to Vienna and spent time exploring art and opera with his best friend August Kubizek. His goal was to get accepted into the Academy of Fine Arts (Giblin 8-11). While exploring the arts Hitler choose not to work and put all his focus into learning about the arts and passing the acceptance test into the academy. Hitler passed the first test of acceptance but was rejected on the second test. With the failure of not getting accepted into the academy another tragic event occurred. On December 21, 1907 Klara Hitler died from her cancer returning. Adolf was lost with the rejection from the academy and lost of his mother (Giblin 11). After the death of his mother Hitler returned to Vienna and lived off his mom\'s estate. He believed that his share of the estate would allow him to live in the city without working for a year (Giblin 12). The next 5 years Hitler led the life of a reclusive nomad in Vienna. He applied to the Academy again and was once again rejected but the bigger problem was he was running out of money. He was forced to give up a room in the boarding house and take a smaller cheaper one in a rundown house. The money from his mother\'s estate was gone and he was forced to survive off an orphan pension . With just the orphan pension coming in Hitler was forced to move into smaller and smaller rooms (Giblin 13). He eventually had to take to the streets and slept in one of Vienna\'s parks and eventually to a city shelter. While he was there he met Reinhold Hanisch and started a profitable business painting Viennese landmarks which eventually led him to move into a men\'s hostel. While living at the hostel he got engaged in spirited political discussions with other residents. During this period Hitler read many right- wing newspapers and magazines that linked the social democrats with the Jews. Later in his autobiography he wrote that the roots of his lifelong hatred of the Jews were planted during these years in Vienna. He was scornful of the social democratic party. One day he got into a heated discussion and got bruises and swollen jaw from members