Yard Sale

HMD 101

MWF (8:30am-9:20am)

Community Service Experience Requirement
On April 15th I volunteered to work the Yard Sale from 8am-12pm. On that day we had to help set up the site for the sale. Everything was a mess and we worked hard to arrange everything accordingly. I worked well with the coordinators and the other volunteers. By the time I finished my four hours there was still plenty to be done, but the group I worked with got a lot accomplished and laid the foundation for the next group of volunteers.

The student managers were a pleasure to work with. For most of them it wasn’t their first Yard Sale, so they knew exactly how things were to be done. I also recognized how upbeat and motivated they were. Most of them started work at 6am and showed enthusiasm throughout the day.

In my group there were eight students. For the most part everyone did the same amount of work. Some chose easier task than others, but things were getting done regardless. I felt like I had to take some initiative with some of the task because other students didn’t know what to do and would stand and wait for instructions from the managers. Most of the students, including myself, thought this job was tiresome. However, once we began the different task we all seemed motivated to get the Yard Sale off the ground.

I think the UNLV Campus Recycling Center is very useful resource. Tara and her team work hard at something that often gets overlooked. Recycling and waste management isn’t something everyone thinks about helping with, they do a wonderful job. If they never took the initiative to care I don’t know if anyone would.

The single largest component found in the UNLV waste stream is paper. We use so much of it on a daily basis that we don’t realize how much we consume. Students and

faculty should use all recycling resources throughout the campus (i.e. blue recycling bins). I pay attention to what I waste and I try not to litter. I also donate my old clothes at least once a year. We should also donate what ever we don’t use, such as clothes and appliances to our campus recycling center to help fund the recycling center. I always feel good when I donate or know that I’m doing something good to help out.

Three things I think that would help sustain recycling are advertising to help keep people aware, keeping our campus clean, and continued funding of our recycling center. Through word of mouth and leading by example, faculty and students can help keep our recycling program running as well as keep our environment clean. Especially around campus.