World Class Soccer

For many years, sports have grown up to be the main entertainment for many of it’s fans around the world. Because of it’s popularity, the intensity intends to grow more and more witch leads sometimes to violent acts by certain athletes, but how far are these athletes willing to go. Lately, intensity has led to violence acts that surpassed expectations and leaving the owners with a lot of thinking do. Through out my composition, I will talk about hockey incidents, soccer violence and fan conflicts.

First of all, I will talk about violence in the most popular sport in North America, hockey. This sport was always known for it’s roughness, that’s part of the excitement. Lately, it has grown more then just rough play, incidents are now causing serious life threatening injury’s. This year, violence has taken a step further, with concussions increasing and foolish gestures becoming more chronic to the players. Many superstar athletes have been sidelined for most of the present regular seasons due to concussions, popular names such as Erick Lindros, Paul Karya, Donald Brashear… have been bothered by those injury’s. What really got the attention this year was the violent acts. A month ago, Marty Mcsorley of the Boston Bruins shocked the world by hitting another player in the face with his stick leaving him unconscious on the ice. For that, the foolish defenseman was suspended for the rest of the season and purchased by the state police. If violence continues to dominate this beautiful sport, other precautions will be taken.

Second of all, I will proceed with soccer violence. In European soccer, it’s simple, the superstar athletes are always picked on. Every body wants to injure them anyway they can. Sometimes, it’s because of jealousy, sometimes there even told to. Every legend in the world of soccer has faced long term injury’s. For examples, Pele, Maradonna, Platini, Baggio… . And it hasent stopped yet, a year ago, the Italian soccer world was shocked when the injury of one of the worlds best, Alessandro Del Piero occurred on November 8,

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