Working - Money

Money is the foremost incentive why infinite people work
around the world. There are unequal classifications of jobs
that contain more physical labor or deskwork. Some work
as rescuers, businessmen, consultants, a student, doctors,
or even garbage men. No matter where an individual
works, they will always encounter three types of workers:
Hard-Workers, Slackers, and Mediocres.

The Hardworking people have several superb
characteristics. These types of people usually goes to work
on time or maybe even five or ten minutes early to see what
needs to be accomplished. During the day, it rarely
happens that they have to be advised to do something
twice. When they clean rooms or set-up computers, they
do it to the best of their ability and recheck everything to
make certain it’s working properly. In addition, they tend
to get things done on time and not one second late. Overall,
Hardworking people are very responsible and reliable in a
working environment.

Slackers are much different than Hardworking people.
They come to work five to ten minutes late without an
excuse. They tend to work hard for the first three or four
weeks of the job, but once they observe how the system
works, their useless. Slackers hardly work from the time
scheduled to the time finished. In addition, they do more
viewing and squatting, then moving around and assisting
others with equipment. They have to be informed when,
where, and why they have to do it. The quality of the job is
usually sloppy and doesn’t get accomplished on time.
Lastly, their very unreliable people that don’t care about
work, but need the money.

Lastly, a Mediocre person has several characteristics as
slackers, but somewhat better and more useful. Mediocre
people on occasion cruise to work early or late, depends
on how well their day went. Mediocre people can be
Hardworker’s or Slacker’s depending on whether or not
the boss is there. On occasion, they have to be told twice
when to do something because they’re sometimes
irresponsible. They work when they want and when they
don’t, they won’t. They know when to stop Slacking and
start working. They only do work that need to get
accomplish. If they don’t have to do it, then they will lay it
off for another person. The quality of work depends upon
their mood and whom they associate with. Lastly,
Mediocre people can be either reliable or unreliable/

It would be difficult trying to locate many hard working
people around the world. If majority of the jobs did not
accept Slackers and Mediocre people, then there would be
innumerable amounts of people living a non-successful life.
The hard workers would be rich and living a flourishing life
because whether a student or businessmen does something,
they will put one hundred- ten percent effort. On the other
hand, Slackers would bring laughter to the working
environment, but would not be helpful majority of the time.
Mediocre people would vary depending on how hard they
make an effort. A person makes or breaks himself, there is
no secret formulas or magic to success.

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