Women and Body Image
The Media Influence

Please discuss one problem in Bulgaria that Bulgarian women have to face today.

Nowadays every woman endures many predicaments. Certainly, everyone can name at least a dozen of problems today’s women have to deal with. However, I think that women’s most formidable menace is a very often-neglected problem – the media pressure. There are certain stereotypes about women’s body images, and the media has a big share in their creation.

Whenever we turn on the TV, we see beautiful women promoting products of particularly male interest like beer, cars, whiskey – the list is endless. But it’s not only the television that creates role models. If we take the magazines, for example, we will deduce that it’s the same young models or actresses, with shining smiles and sparkling eyes, that simply say: “That’s my choice. Because I deserve it.” Such an advertisement is aimed mainly at women who believe that if they use the same brand of make-up, they will also become so splendid. However, they only become manipulated.

Undoubtedly, the media’s influence is so strong that an idealized body image has been formed. According to most people, there is a distinct type of beauty – the flashy smile, blue eyes, long legs, etc. Moreover it is mainly the commercial images that form one’s concept of what is pretty or ugly. Isn’t this a problem to worry about? When will we accept that people are charming in their own way?

There’s no doubt about the influence of the media on women’s self-esteem and appearance. Nevertheless, women should not become reconciled to the media’s pressure. They needn’t stick to the artificial images, but instead try to be beautiful in their own way.