“Without Sanctuary”

Critical Thinking

My Critical Thinking About Lynching in America

Lynching in America is critical to our American history. People often wonder why there is so much hatred and mistrust. Someone that truly researches history would understand why different races or different groups of people do not agree on the same issues. Whites treated blacks like they were their pets. Many blacks were not even treated as well as the white man’s pet. I believe that lynching was due to the prominent white people of a particular place being scared that they would lose they so called help o the farms if a black man was to gain more power. In the south, the means of economics was farming. White men used blacks to work the land. The prominent people in the political and economic society did not feel they had to treat minorities as humans. Since blacks could not vote, hold public office, or even walk down the same side of the street as they did, the prominent white man did not consider treating a black person as humans. They did not value their lives as they did another white persons.

I believe that during the time that lynching became so famous, that white people, especially the prominent white farmers, believed that they were benefiting from this horrific act. As I look back on that time, no one benefited from lynching. Lynching only hurt people then and is continuing to hurt people. Whites in today’s society do not understand what happened to other races. African American families told their family history to their descendents, as where the white people were not proud of the things they did so therefore they did not tell their children about what they did.

These prominent whites of the community thought that since blacks were not powerful that they could take the law into their own hands. Many of the people that were being lynched were innocent individuals. The people that were practicing these lynching justified their actions by saying the individual was guilty of some kind of crime. When al actuality the people that were being lynched were mostly innocent people, but the whites had in their mind that if someone was harmed in their family that a black had to do it. Then they would find the closest black person to blame, and hang or burn them to death.

These lynchings were stopped after a group of people rallied against the horrific act. It took a long time to put a stop to this, and many more people were killed because of this group of people trying to help the minorities in America. In all rational, this group of people saw the injustice in these acts and tried to instore justice for all. I believe that African Americans do suffer post-traumatic stress syndrome as a result of lynching because in today’s society they are still the minority and still do not hold many political offices, to instill that there would be no social injustice to anyone.

I believe that whites suffer in a different way. Whites get mad when they see a group of people rallying for their particular ethnic group. I think one of the reasons this happens is because the whites in today’s society of how cruel they were to different races and sometimes their own. I understand that social workers played a part in the stopping of lynching, but I also believe that there is more that needs to be done in today’s society to educate people about history and different ethnic group’s cultures. Many people only care about their ethnic group, and I believe in order to make it in this world and to make it a better place, one needs to learn everything one can about someone who is different from them. Every ethnic group has had problems in the past and if we do not try to understand them that we will endure those same problems again.

When I went to this exhibit I did not know what to expect. When I walked around that corner and saw the pictures of people just hanging on those trees I thought I would be sick. How could someone be so inhumane to do this to these