Ladies and gentlemen you have all charged upon me accusations of witchcraft. You’ve had your depositions and wronged my ears with false testimony and so called spectral evidence. All that is charged against me I can not defend, after all am I to conjure my defense out of the same thin air as my accusers gathered their case. I’m a simple person in this city on high, where I’m shunned from your church and your company. Even if by chance I can convince you of my innocence I will never measure up to the sights of your blinded eyes.
I have never before heard of such a ridiculous mess of rot as the case against me. Do any of you actually believe someone like me has the powers to kill your livelihood and menace your dreams? I have done nothing to harm any of you or your families. I demand to be cleared of this immediately. All of us fled to America to escape this type of tyranny for many reasons. I find it hard to believe that this many could act blindly like their own oppressors.
Finally, I pray that all of you exercise good and moral judgement while deliberating your ever so important decision. I know a kind and merciful God will guide you in your decision. Thank you for your time and patience.

“Small whispers and light chatter fill the room as the panel of jurors enter. A brief moment of disbelief fell on the face of the accused when the man read guilty. Like a spark to dry tinder the placid crowd exploded into a blaze of hatred. The guilty was hanged by the neck until dead from the knarled oak tree in the center of town. The tree still stands as a reminder to all of the terrible crimes the innocent can commit.”

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