Wit is a movie based on the psychology of death. It is the story of Professorb Vivian Bearing. At the beginning of the film Vivian is diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. The movie follows her through an experimental eight cycle chemo-therapy treatment, each at the full dose.

Vivian enters the treatment a witty, tough and cold-hearted scholar. She prided herself on maintaining control of every aspect of her life. She was a controlling and demanding professional. However, while going through the treatment she is unable to control anything. She is no longer teaching, but learning. She learns how to suffer and at the same time realizes the mistakes she has made. She begins to experience a sort of cognitive dissonance when she realizes the err of her ways. There can be no greater pain than looking back on your life with regret.

In life she shied away from social situations. She said herself that she enjoyed research more than the company of others. Therefore she was very stand-offish and sarcastic with everyone she encountered. However, throughout her trials and tribulations she realizes that there is no longer any place for snide remarks. She now craves the attention and caring that she never gave anyone. Suzy, her main nurse, was the first to show her this type of affection. Although she said she couldnít believe her life would ever be so ďcornyĒ she began to reciprocate the love she received from Suzy. She even shared her pop-sickle stick. Now that death was no longer abstract she didnít care to philosophize about it. She only sought simplicity. Suzy really brought about a major change in her personality.

Death is an important topic; nevertheless many people take it for granted. Despite our many problems we should enjoy life or at least make the best of it. This movie was very touching. Wit is a tender movie that will touch the heart of anyone who watches it. However, it will get you to think about how important it is to live your life to the fullest, but in moderation. It is important to live life and appreciate it while you have it. Life is unpredictable; therefore you never know when it will be taken away. I like this movie because you can learn a lot from it. It teaches the viewer not to neglect the feelings of others lest yours be neglected.

One can also take away from this film how necessary it is to be a well rounded individual. Do not make the same mistake as Ms. Bearing and focus on only one aspect of life because everyone needs more than just one social skill. She believed that being smart would solve everything. Her teacher realized this about her. She told her to go out and have fun rather then back to the library when Vivian couldnít understand that the comma symbolized that death was but a pause. She told her this because she knew why Vivian didnít understand. The concept didnít elude her because she wasnít smart enough. She didnít understand because she didnít know how to live. You can gain knowledge from books, but they canít teach you how to live or how to love. Itís not enough to simply be smart, athletic, or witty because all things fade. What is left of a person who loses their solitary talent? What if, like Ms. Bearing, your only skill is of no use to you in your last days?

This movie relates to health psychology, because as I stated in the opening of this essay; itís all about the psychology of death. The main focus of the movie is how the impact of her diminishing health affects her psychology. It is proven that being a happy and well rounded person promotes longevity. Vivian was extremely arrogant and rude until she realized that her life was coming to an end. Once she recognized that there is more to life than smarts; she began to open up to other people. She looked on her past with regret because hindsight is always 20/20. In her last days she was warmer and had it not been for her ailment she would have probably been happier than ever before. If only she had realized this