Willís apartment

ĄAbout a Boyď by Nick Hornby

Will, as one of the main characters in Nick Hornbyís famous book ďAbout a BoyĒ, is a very outstanding person. Such an outstanding person, of course, has to have an outstanding apartment as well. Since fashion is a great part of Willís life, the place he lives has to be both fashionable and comfortable. His home in London is a bachelors dream.

His apartment is just the perfect size with one bedroom, a cozy bathroom, nice living room and, of course, a small kitchen.

Being such a cool man as he is, he needs to have a cool living room. The walls are covered with black and white photos of saxophonists and trumpeters and old film posters, such as Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Free Willy and The Big Sleep. The wooden floors look squeaky-clean and the rug on the floor matches the huge couch.

His TV has a big flat screen. Just perfect for watching the latest movies and quiz shows like Countdown, which is one of his favorite shows. His stereo is one of the newest. He has hundreds of CDs and thousands of records and tapes. Mostly of artists that are more suitable for people who are slightly younger than he is.

His bathroom looks like a library, because bathroom is one of the most comfortable places where to read. He has piles of menís-magazines in there, which he spends hours reading, because he wants to be a perfect man, every womanís dream, and there is nothing better than getting tips from magazines like that.

His kitchen is full of machines that make cooking easier for people who just do not have time to spend hours preparing a meal. In fact, Willís small, white kitchen is filled with gadgets that look as though they have never been used. He even has an espresso machine and an ice-cream maker. Actually, he never really uses the ice-cream maker because it would take hours. His refrigerator is full of soda, jam and, of course, alcohol. He has alcohol at home just in case he happens to bring a lady friend over. Other than that, he prefers eating and drinking out.

His bedroom is ordinary, a bit too ordinary for him. Come to think of it, he only spends his nights there, usually alone unless he has had a lucky night, so he does not have to have a bedroom that is too flashy, just simply comfortable with a king size bed. The most important thing about his bedroom is the wardrobe. He loves spending time with his wardrobe, throwing out clothes that are not ďinĒ any more and replacing them with new clothes that look like the ones he sees in his newest menís-magazines.

Will is a 38-year-old single man and proud of it, and his apartment is a great proof of that, because it just radiates with singleness.