Why we should educate people about addictions

English 10 Per.5

24 March 2004

According to the American Heritage dictionary, an addict is one who, “is caused to become physiologically or psychologically dependent on a habit forming substance.” They are different kinds of addictions that are harmless and dangerous. There is also different ways addictions can affect people. There are different kinds of dangerous addictions such as alcoholism, gambling and drug use. Within the range of types of addiction, society should put more effort into educating people about the dangers of harmful addictions such as alcoholism, gambling and drug use.

An online source Advice 7.com States: “Addiction is a state of mind that makes you believe that you need something to survive.” They also believe “people use addictions as a cover for some other problems or challenge they cant deal with.” Maybe the people who have addictions don’t know they have an addiction. Maybe they feel that if makes them feel better. That they need it to get through the day. People who have a strong addiction they don’t known how to deal with or where to go or who to turn to. Therefore, society should put more effort into educating people about the dangers of addictions.

One type of addiction is alcoholism. According to Stanton Peele Adiction Website there are “9 or 10 million problem drinkers and about 5 million alcoholics which attributed to 19,171 deaths in 1999.” In the past when alcohol was a problem the government put the prohibition law into effect. Today, “scientific research shows that alcoholism is an inbred trait.” Which means that instead of being a social problem it’s an individual problem. These reasons show why we should educate people about the dangers of alcoholism.

Another type addiction is gambling .A small percentage develop addiction to the "action" of gambling.The most recent studies estimate the current prevalence of pathologic gambling at 1.4 to2.8percent of the people who gamble.Two-thirds of pathologic gamblers are male.Accoding to the American Psychiatric Association that gambling behavior are indicated by the following:1 is preoccupied with gamebling,needs to gamble with increasing amounts of money,is unsucceful,and gambles as a way of escaping from problems or of relieve.Saying that problem gamblers feel hopeless and withdrawn to gamebling.Gambling may be a issue so we should educate people a about pathologic gambling.

Another addiction is drug use.The National institude on Drug Abuse(NIDA)and the Substance Abuse and Mentel Helthe Services Administration(SAMHSA)Had survey to track drug use trends.Accoding to NHSDA in 1979,14.1%of the population age 12 and older reported using an illicit drug in the past 30 days.Between 1999 and 2001,past month illicit drug use for persons age 12 and older increased from 6.3%to7.1%.Which means ages 12 and older are more and more usig drugs today then past years.So drug abuse is another issue to educate peope.

So Society should put effort into educating people about the dangers of alcoholism,gambling and drug use.To educate them about the harmful addictions.So that the alcohol addict can stop driking .And the gambler can stop gambling.

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