why dialogue helps improve your writing


What is good dialoge? That is a question that is often asked by writers, but
only the truly good ones have the answer. Good dialoge is used for many reasons.
In order to have good dialoge, certian things should be included. Additionaly,
there are things that should be avoided so as to not create bad dialoge. When
used properly, dialoge creats a changein pace form the narration while still
advancing the plot in an interesting way.

Good dialoge is used for various reasons. First, it creates a change in pace
from the naration. This is important because it makes the work much less
monotonous and more enjoyable. It makes stories much more belivable also when a
character says sumthing then when it is just said in narration. It also helps to
distinguish characters, since they should be identifiable by there speech. It is
also used to make writing more consice. A five minute speech can be condensed to
a single sentence without losing any of its meaning using dialoge. It can be
used to make a sence of evesdroping. The characters dont know your listening, so
what they say is much more true and unbiased. The reasons for good dialoge are
plentifull and evident.

In order to achive good dialoge, practice is requiered. As a writer, you will
find yourself listening in on people you hear and taking there speech, and
analizing it, editing it, changing it, and hopefuly remmebering it, so that it
can serve as a guide for a uncreated future character. A characters speech
should be distingushable from other characters, as well as from the authors.
Dialoge should tell about the character, characteristics such as what they are
like, where they are from, or how they were raised. When writing dialoge, trust
what the characters are saying, dont try and put the "right" word in
their mouth. A good techneque to use when writing dialoge is to put two
characters who hate each other in the same enviernment. To put to characters who
would go to no ends to avoid each other, and put them on the same bus, or on the
same elevator. This is a good way to get dialoge going, and makes for good topic
of discusion, as it is very open ended, the characters can reconcile, they can
fight, or any other for a wide rage of options that you, as the author, have to
impose into this super-charged enviernment.

There are a few things that should be avoided when writing dialoge. One of
them is to avoid tring to put words into there mouth. Let the character do the
talking, trust thatt they will say the right thing. Also, dont draw characters
from other characters, but rather from your knowledge of people. Also, make the
dialoge varied. Let the characters hold back ocationaly, and not reveal too
much, while other times let them drop bombs on the story. These are just a few
of the pitfalls that should be avoided when writing dialoge.

Although good dialoge is hard to create, it is well worth the effert. What
the characters say in a subconcious way help to make the story much more
realistic. This is also helped by not always using compleat sentences, but
rather fragments, when apropriate, as in real speech. The most inportant thing
about writing good dialoge is that in order to do it you must practice. Mentaly
decompose speech you hear, and imagine how it would look on paper. Change it,
modify it untill it fits your needs. Good dialoge is produced by pracicing, and
using the various writing techneques to enrich the dialoge that you hear to fit
the characters in your novel.

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