Who killed Vincent Chin?

Two white men found themselves in an argument with an Asian man one night at a local bar/strip club in Detroit. The night’s argument and fight ended with Vincent Chin’s crushed skull near a Mcdonalds. Is this considered a hate crime?

Vincent Chin just so happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Personally, I don’t believe this was a hate crime because Vincent Chin was not targeted randomly. He had already been in an altercation with two men. Perhaps his nationality played a part in angering the two men even more, but they were angry at him for other minor things. I won’t say he was killed for the sole reason that he’s Chinese. And although the evidence tells me this was not a hate crime, it is still a crime nonetheless and evidence proved the two men to be killers, to which they had admitted to the crime themselves as well. But the truth was difficult to swallow and comprehend. Two ruthless murderers got away with murder. It’s as simple as that.

What this further suggests is that America in its whole is still racist and unfair even after the black movements. Two murderers should be treated as they are – murderers, whether they killed a white man or another human being. I was totally convinced that the two men would be put behind bars because they are a menace to society for what they’ve done and both threaten the safety of other people, white or Asian. Instead, they got away scot-free. The penalty was a few thousand dollars, a few thousand dollars in exchange for a person’s life. Where’s the justice in that?

Moreover, the verdicts of both the original case and the appealed case were shocking. The decision made at the first trial was erroneous, and I thought the second trial will finally bring justice to Chin’s family by giving the killers their deserved jail time. Instead, the cold blooded killers got away the second time. Not once, but twice. Not one trial of racists, but two. That’s a lot of America to be judging a case from a very white point of view. I used the word racist because they are indeed racist. Anyone in this world knows that a murderer should be punished yet the two murderers were set free. Why? Because they’re racist. There’s more racism in the jury and judges involved in the cases than the murderers themselves. This was a disturbing revelation.

One thing I thought was also incomprehensible was Chin’s mother’s publicity. Whoever turned this case into a hate crime more likely hurt it rather than help it in court. How? Allow me to turn back time, to O.J. Simpson’s case. It is apparent to anyone and everyone that this was the man who killed two people, his wife and her lover. It simply cannot be argued. All evidence points to him as being the killer yet America let him go. Why? America at that time was in favor of a black man. I was only 10 years old at the time of the trial but I understood what is law and most of all, I fully understood what constitutes to committing a crime. In Simpson’s case, there was a lot of controversy going on that revolved a lot around race. They had made this into a white versus black case without paying any details to the crime itself. This was outrageous. This made me to believe that O.J. Simpson is a free man because he is black and that was his main argument. As you can see, race has everything to do with whether or not a man is put behind bars.

I’m tying this Simpson case to the case of Vincent Chin’s is because both cases dealt with the color of one’s skin. Truthfully, had Chin been a black man rather than a Chinese man, the two killers will still be in jail to this day. In general, the blacks had more power in society. This is why America cares more about them than they do with Asians. This is a very upsetting truth.

Besides a comment made by one of the killers, there is no other known evidence that