Who Has It Easier, Guys Vs Girls

As Sam stepped put of the bathroom, she went back to her room. She reached in her makeup drawer and pulled out her conceler, mascara. lipstick and eyeshadow to continue fixing her apperance. With makeup she looked quit dicent. But no one ever noticed her makeup. Everyone just thinks shes plain old Sam. But GUYS just ahve to wake up, brush their teeth, and maybe put gel in their hair. They don’t care about theur apperance, neither do theiur freinds. But Sam doesn’t care about her apperance, but they all do. Why?! Guys don’t need to blowdry their hair, guys don’t need to worry about how fat or ythin they are. Guys don’t have to worry if they put on their eyeliner straight or not. Why do guys ahve it so much easier?!
The day was going as it usually did, then she stepped into the bathroom during lunch and she found. . .Well, you know what she found. I don’t know how guys could even think they have it easier, she thought to herself. Monthyly pains, crampts! For every fourty years a woman lives, it’s ten years of it. Also, guys don’t have don’t have to deal with their upper chest area. They don’t have to wait at the side of Victoria’s Secret (®) blushing, while their mom waits in line. They can run without the “twins” going into their faces.

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