Who could of thought that living in the Ghettos would be so intolerable day after day?
The conditions in the ghettos weren't the best, but actually the worst.
Life in the ghettos was unbearable. It was really harsh. Before they left to the ghettos, they were only allowed to take a couple of things with them. The conditions were miserable. Mainly some of the Jews died from terrible disease or from starvation, lack of food. 0000
The living conditions in the ghettos were terrible. Jews were forced into little areas of the cities. They often lacked of basic electrical and sanitary infrastructure. Starvation increased and got worst day after day and many inhabitants became I'll or perished. Lots of people risked their lives for better values, life the education of their kids, the religious traditions and some cultural activities. Overcrowding was not so rare. Plumbing broke down and human waste was thrown out into the streets along with their garbage. Many contagious diseases spread really quickly. Another thing was Jews were only allowed them to purchase only little amounts of food. Some people traded valuable items to receive food in exchange. During the winter, there was no heat fuels to keep the small areas warm and not enough clothing to stay warm. Since people didn't eat very much, they either died of starvation. Or just from committing suicide to leave their terrible, hopeless live. Life in the ghettos was really unbearable. Almost everyday children became orphaned, and many had to take care of even younger children. Orphans often lived on the streets, supplicating for bits on bread from others who had little to nothing to eat as well. Many froze to death in the Winter just from siting in the streets begging for food. The children and many young people continued with their education by going to small clases organized by their own parents or some Jews willing to help teach these people. Since the Naziz didn't allow the children to learn they would hide their books under their clothes to keep it from getting caught. Children just didn't learn they also had to stay alive. In oder to stay alive, children had to think and make themselves useful. Many children helped smuggle food to their families by crawling through small opening in the ghetto walls, but not all the smugglers came out with luck. Some of them ended up getting caught and later killed. Although suffering and death were all around them , children didn't stop enjoying their selves by playing toys.