What will be happen to the world, at the end?

Our world, it is so beautiful and it is also big world. Lots of people did several

things to make it bright and look full. However, did anybody think one day what will be

happen to our world? What will be the consequence to us and to our world at the end?

One day at mid-night I was thinking about those questions, and then I realized actually

what can be happen to our world. Is it going to be stay forever or one day will be


From my prediction – At the end our world will be finished. Nothing will be

left in the world. The world will become a desert. One day a gigantic tornado will be

come to the world and there will be a gigantic blaze. The world will become ash and

those ashes will be influence into the empty desert. People will be muffling, wail but

nobody going to help any others. Even the mother can’t help her own son. Everybody

will run for life. However, everybody will be helpless. But the gigantic tornado will not

let anyone to escape. Demise will be looking for them. The immense tornado will be eat

everything and kill everybody form the world and tornado will give to the God (Allah) a

desert place, where God can judge everyone at the end of the world.

Allah is the one all powerful God who will judge all people at the end of the

world, the word Islam means “surrendering to God.” After the judging all people, God

will send some superior human to the Heaven and some awful people will go to the hell.

The word Heaven means – a celestial abode or the land of bliss, and the word Hell means

– the abode of the dead.

After the judged, who ever will go to the heaven they will be become divine.

There face will be bright like sun rising in the morning. Heaven is the place which is

watch able. When they will enter the heaven then they will be excited. No one ever

predicted about the heaven when they was in the world. The sin people will be grudge to

them. Heaven is the only one place where is only Love, Happy, etc including the all good

things. When ever the divine people wish anything they will get it without any cost and

without any worry. God will grant anything what ever they will look for.

All savage people will go to the hell. God will say “here is the Hell, who is

waiting for all of you for long time. He is really hungry; he wants to eat all of you.

He is too greedy; after he ate all of you then he will requested me for more wild people.

Then I will rebirth all of you, until hell stop requested me.

After that consequence the sinner will come to God to forgive them, and they will

ask one question…why do you keep giving us that kind of punishment and what was our

gaffe? Then God will open their book. The books will about what they did in their life in

the world. Then God will tell them “you people did all the bad things, you people didn’t

escape any bad things that are really unacceptable for me and only for this consequence I

put that kind of tornado to the whole world. I still feel bad for innocent baby who got hurt

during the tornado. Without any question I sent those innocent babies to Heaven.

In conclusion, my story talks about what will happen to the world and everyone in

it. Some of the people will get the punished for their sin and some people will go to the

heaven, while others will to hell. Who ever goes to heaven they will enjoy eternal of life.

Those who go to hell they will burn for ever and they will get punished for all bad