What were 5 major programmes introduced in Johnson's ‘Great Society'?

War on Poverty
Medicare & Medicaid
National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities
Head Start

What acts did Johnson introduce to deal with the ‘war on poverty'?

Economic Opportunity Act of 1964
(Over-saw many programs to improve life in inner cities, including Job Corps, an education and job training program for
at-risk youth)

Housing and Urban Development Act of 1965
(established new housing subsidy programs and made federal loans and public housing grants easier to obtain)

Demonstration cities and Metropolitan Development of 1966
(Helped revitalise urban areas through a variety of
social and economic programs)

What acts did Johnson i ntroduce concerning health care?

Medical Care Act of 1965
(Established a comprehensive health insurance program for all elderly people; financed through the social security system, funded by federal and state governments, provided health and medical assistance to low-income families)

Child Nutrition Act of 1966
(established a school breakfast program and established the school lunch program and milk program to improve poor children's nutrition)

What acts did Johnson introduce concerning education?

Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (targeted aid to students and funded related activities such as adult education and education counselling)

Higher Education Act, 1965
(supported college tuition scholarships, student loans, and work-study programs for low-middle-income students)

Project Head Start, 1965
(funded a preschool program for the disadvantaged)

What acts did Johnson introduce concerning consumer rights and environmental protection?

The National Wilderness Preservation Act of 1964 (created the legal definition of wilderness in the US & protected 9.1 million aces of federal land)

Water Quality Act and Clean Air Act of 1965
(supported development of standards and goals for water and air quality)

Fair labelling and Packaging Act of 1966
(required all consumer produced to have true and informative labels)

The Highway Safety Act of 1966
(supported highway safety by improving federal state, and local coordination and by creating training standards for emergency medical technicians)

What were Johnson's Health & Welfare successes?

The Medical Care Act established the first federally funded healthcare system in US history: Medicare for the elderly and Medicaid for recipients of welfare
$6.5 billion was invested into the new healthcare system, for the construction of hospitals, the provision of doctors and nurses, and for medical tests

What were Johnson's Education failures?

Johnson' Elementary and Secondary Education Act was bound by states' rights. Some states directed the federal funding to middle-class children, as opposed to the poor who were the intended recipients

What were Johnson's Health & Welfare failures?

Johnson's Medical Care Act was less ambitious than President Truman's earlier proposed for a universal healthcare system as part of his ‘fair deal'
Medicaid failed to provide for the cost of prescriptions for many drug and pharmaceuticals, limiting its effectiveness

What were Johnson's Education successes?

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act secured $1 billion in funding for poor students in public and parochial schools
The Higher Education Act provided $650 million for scholarships, to secure low-interest loans for students and resources for collages. 11 million higher education students benefitted

What were Johnson's Consumer Rights and Environmental Protection successes?

The National Wilderness Preservation Act created 45 new National parks, and protected 9 million aces of forest
The Endangered Species Protection Act secured the protection of 833 species of plants, animals and birds
The Air and Water Quality Acts between 1965 and 1967 resulted in $ 35 million being invested into learning rivers and imposing controls to regulate and limit water and air pollution
Johnson oversaw a swathe of consumer protection legislation: the Fair Packaging and Labelling Act of 1966, the Automobile Safety Act of 1966, the Meat Inspections and Poultry Inspection Act, both of 1967, the Coal Mine Safety Act of 1967 & the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1968

What were Johnson's ‘war on poverty' successes?

The Economic Opportunities Act set up the office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) - administered the ‘War on Poverty' through a variety of subsidiary schemes
Pre-schooling was provided for 8 million children via the Head Start Program
Job Corps, which provided skill for inner-city youths, ultimately provided jobs for 10,000 people and received endorsement from large corporations such as IBM