What really happened in the Boston Massacre?

The Boston Massacre tookplaceon the evening of March 5,1770. The Boston Massacre was an accumulation of many years of tension and anger between the Bostonians and the British soldiers. The soldiers were sent into Boston as a response to the bolder demonstrations of the people but inturn ended up being more of a problem. The massacre was as much the Bostonians in the crowd’s fault as the soldiers who actually fired on the crowd.

In the years that preceeded the massacre, there was not a good relationship between the towns people and the soldiers. There were many confrontations between the people and the soldiers. These confrontations happened in the streets, taverns nad anywhere the towns people and the soldiers meet. People who sympathized with the British were harrassed, insulted and sometimes even abused. When Richardson’s wife was struck, by a stone thrown through their window, he retaliatted and was arrested for it. It was wrong of him to fire into the crowd but there was no punishment for the harrassment of him or the hurting of his wife. I think the towns people felt almost as if they were above the law. After all of the anger felt for the young boy that died, there were gangs of men and boys who roamed the streets looking to beat up on any soldier out by themselves or who challengeed them. The soldiers were doing the same thing. With all of the anger going around it was only about time that something happened.

The Boston massacre started out as just a group of boys taunting a soldier. When the soldier got mad he struck the boy with his musket, which only added fuel to the already anger people. They surrunnded him and he had no choice but to call for help. When help arrived, I’m sure they were just under the impression of how angr the mab was and might not have been told of the circumstances behind that. They arrive to about one hundred angry, ready to fight seekers. With even more people coming because of the church bells ringing, they knew that the situation was more than they could handle. I think that’s why the Captain asked them to get their muskets ready. With an angry crowd yelling, hitting and throwing things at them, the soldiers had a lot of distractions. The captain did his best to calm down the crowd and keep his men calm. He said many times not to fire and told the crowd that he wouldn’t fire on them because it would prove that he was no officer. With everyone around the soldiers yelling, they soldiers probably couldn’t tell who yelled fire. It must have been hard for them to distinguish between their commanding officer’s voice and the rest of the people yelling. After the first shot, the rest of the men fired. I don’t think they reallt wanted to hurt anyone but I’m sure they just thought that the captian ahd given the orders. If the crowd had calmed down and the soldiers just would have taken the soldier that struck the boy away, they would have had an easier time with the crowd.