"What is the History of Magic Mountain?"

Viper, Superman - The Escape, Batman: The Ride - on a daily basis these rides thrill us, excite us, and scare us. They are all located within Six Flags: Magic Mountain, and yet the history of this incredible place is hardly known. Was it originally a jelly stand that grew into a local fun-park like Knott\'s? Or was it originally a cartoon production studio like Disneyland? In this essay, I will show you how the amazing place we know as Magic Mountain grew and expanded into the corporate empire it is today.
First, we\'ll take a look at the park today and get some general information. Below is a map/picture of the park in it\'s current status.

The park is located off the Interstate-5 at Magic Mountain Parkway in the city of Valencia. The cost of general admission, which is based on your height, not age, is $36.00. If you qualify as being over 54" in height, then you are charged for general admission. If you are under 54" in height, then you are charged for a child\'s admission to the park, which will only set you back $17.00. Senior citizens 55 years of age and older are only have to pay $20.00 for entry. If you plan to visit both Magic Mountain and it\'s sister water-park Hurricane Harbor (located right outside the park) then you will be charged $50.00. Six Flags California (which is the name for the combination of both Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor) is owned by Premier Parks Inc. the world\'s largest regional theme park company with
32 parks, including parks serving nine of the ten largest metropolitan areas in the United States and six locations in Europe. The land that the park actually sits upon is a fairly large 100 acres, although almost 15 of those acres are empty dirt lots. During their busy summer months, over 3,000 hosts and hostesses are employed by the park. Numbers decrease sharply in the winter months, when the park only operates on weekends and holidays. This is because of the fact that the park is so isolated that many people don\'t want to drive such a long distance. The total number of rides in the park is a whopping 42, although many are just small time rides for little kids. The park is divided into themed "areas", and there are 10 in all. \'Baja Ridge\' is a desert-themed area that is home to the Viper. It is located in the eastern corner of the park. \'Six Flags Plaza\' is more of a marketplace theme. It is located right at the entrance of the park, and only contains one ride: Revolution. \'Bugs Bunny World\' is an area devoted only to small children-all the rides require that you be UNDER 48" tall to ride. All the rides within are mostly just small spinning rides, nothing big. \'High Sierra Territory\' has an outdoor adventurer, in-the-forest theme. It doesn\'t have any really \'big\' attractions, so to speak, but it does have the famous Sierra Redwood, the world\'s largest artificial tree. Next, there is \'Pirate\'s Cove\', which is the smallest area of the park. It contains only 3 rides, 1 restaurant, and a snack bar. \'Colossus County Fair\' has a "local carnival" theme to it, in that there are many carnival-like games to play, and it is home to both Colossus and the Showcase Theater. \'Gotham City Backlot\' is an area devoted to Gotham City, the comic-book city protected by Batman. Batman: The Ride is included in this section, along with some other miscellaneous rides. \'The Movie District\' is the largest area of the park, home to Riddler\'s Revenge, Freefall, and the Batman Stunt Show. \'Samurai Summit\' is atop a large hill in the center of the park, and contains the Sky Tower, Ninja, Superman-The Escape, and Gold Rusher. \'Cyclone Bay\' has a boardwalk/surfshop theme to it, and only has one ride, which is Psyclone. The final stop on our tour of Magic Mountain is \'Rapids Camp Crossing\', which takes on a camping theme. This area has nothing too special to offer guests, except maybe cooling off on Roaring Rapids on a hot summer day. (And it does get exceptionally warm sometimes!)
Magic Mountain has a very extensive and complex history. It actually