Economics- Mr. Smith

What is knowledge one may ask? Some say knowledge is the fact of knowing or acknowledging a certain fact or generalization about a particular subject matter. Others say knowledge is experience and is gained through age and wisdom. Still others believe knowledge is street smart and getting around having connections in order to get the job done. Whatever it may be, knowledge is a powerful and useful tool to any being to master his wants and needs. In this essay we shall examine the subject matter further in greater detail.

Knowledge according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is defined as “acquaintance with or understanding of a science, art, or technique.” This leads us to believe that knowledge is a science a certain form of art of a certain skill that one has that gives an edge to another. Many ask however what use is knowledge? How does it give an edge over another without as much knowledge? An easy example of this is in the job market. A person with greater knowledge from simply the art of speech in his/her interview through the interworkings and requirements of skill needed for the job is more likely to get the job than say a person with less knowledge of these subject matters. This of course gives the personal paycheck fulfilling his/her basis of survival in the monetary world we exist in today. Knowledge can also act as a sense of security. A radical example of this would be say in the form of living with nature. If one has the skills of fishing, canoeing, camping, hunting and general outdoor wilderness activities, he/she has a great survival rate in the middle of the woods than a person who has never done any of these things. Thus, knowledge also as one can see can give a person security.

The stick insect uses its natural disguise in its body shape and camouflage to catch its prey. This in turn further helps its survival in its natural habitat. This technique or knowledge one would say has been applied extensively to mankind. This ability to camouflage and blend in. This ability has been used in militaries around the world since 1915 to blend in with their environments of battle to restrict or hinder the enemies’ vision of their whereabouts. As one can see clearly, knowledge is gained through the observation of nature in this case and with it again it ahs better empowered mankind to its own wielding. Another form of obtaining knowledge is through interaction. An example of this would be when a pupil learns from a teacher he/she is gaining tools his future betterment and understands the world around him/her. These pieces of information carry on with the person throughout his lifetime in making decisions and in employment, which leads to money thus giving the person his/her wants and needs. Furthermore of course is through thought. The human brain is an intricate piece of artwork, which connects neurons to other neurons resulting in connections. When the human brain makes connections on past knowledge of his world and surroundings it puts puzzle pieces together to form new undiscovered knowledge. This is usual done in wonderment. Much of philosophy is derived through this form of knowledge due to the way this science is built. Last but not the least of course is through what today is known as scientific method. Science and experimentation on existing materials leads to newer discoveries to help ease or better the world around us. A prime example is through the studying of polymers. Mixing of certain natural metals such as iron and tin leads to steel. This discovery was made after several tests of course and certain percentages of each metal were required to perform the miracles of steel we owe to today. Therefore, we can see knowledge is obtained through several venues and not just one.

As we have seen knowledge has great contributions to man and is what furthers the survival as us as species. Through knowledge, one can defeat, conquer, and rule his/her domain and wield it to his/her liking. Obtaining this is the key to success in mankind and has been the reason why we are a dominating species in this