What Is A Self?

A self is a person\'s make-up. It is a set of different characteristics that makes up a particular person. It defines who a particular person is. Beliefs and ideas are part of what makes a self.
A self is not always a permanent thing. For example, some people stay who they are for their entire lives. They don\'t change their outlook on things, orways of thinking. But on the other hand some people can do a complete turn around of who they are and what they believe.If aperson lives a bad life, doing harmful things or committing crimes then that is who they are, a bad person. But if they cange and realizethat they are not leadinf=g a good lifethen they are changing their self. They are not a different person, but they are altering certain characteristics and beliefs thta they had posessed, therefor they are altering their self.
Aself is not the same as mind. But mind does contribute to a person\'s self. Amind, a persons way of thinking, is a part of what makes a person, it doesn\'t define one. Asoul is not the same as a self. as like the mind it contributes to the self. But the soul is the biggest element of the self. It\'s where you get your instincts, your personality, your true feelings. Since you need your mind and body to be a person , a soul is not all of who youare,b ut it\'s the most important. Society also contributes to the self. There are so many different ideas running free in society that people latch on to some. Society does assist in molding who you are. Certain principles and certain standards of society influence peoples choices an dbeliefs. Society is not a substantial part of who a particular person is, but it is a contributing factor.
Aself has many aspects. It is not one particular thing, it\'s mind, body, soul, outside influences and more all rolled into one.

Category: Philosophy