What changes would you like to see at the American School Of Kosova? Give
examples and details.

American School of Kosova is one of the best high schools in Kosova. This high
school is considered as one of the schools with the best teacher board and the
best learning system.
I am a student in this school and I can see everything from a closer way and as far as I am concerned there are some things that are a bit different from the
way they should be.
Our school is not a public school, so it is a private school and as a private school it should be more different than it is.
I like my school and the people in it. However I still think that there are some
changes needed. The public schools in Kosova, do not have their own uniform. But
what is interesting is that, even us, a private high school do not have our own
uniform. I am not looking for anything unusual, I am just asking for one of the
most elementary problems that a school should resolve.
The uniform presents discipline and order and esthetics and that is what a school needs. What is more, the uniform is a kind of difference which is made
between different schools. For example people would say that this school has a
great uniform what makes the school level go higher. But it is not just the
uniform that concerns me. I would also like to change many other things.
Teachers are one of those things. The school promised us an English or American
teacher board and if you have a look, you realize that even the half of the
teachers, aren’t American or English. They are Albanian teachers. However, even
Albanian teachers would be accepted if they at least spoke English good during
teaching in their own classes.
Because, the Albanian teachers, it is not that they don’t speak English, but
I’m sorry to say that their English is poor and they do usually make some
grammar mistakes. But these grammar mistakes cause a lot of problems. They make
a mistake and the students take the notes but for example the mistakes were in
the notes, the students took the notes and then they learnt the language with
the mistakes that the teacher made. And I guess this is a big problem, because
one of the strongest reasons that the students have come to this school is
because of the English. They aim to study somewhere abroad and English is
needed. So, a big problem about the school is the teachers’ problem.
Contrary to what I used to think, the American School Of Kosova doesn’t offer
us good facilities. Everybody knows about the large sum of money, everybody
knows that we paid five thousand dollars per year in this school. If you compare
the price with the facilities the school should be one of the best in Kosova.
So, I mean that the price is too high in relation to what they offer. I just
mentioned it above that the teachers are Albanian. They may be very good
teachers, with experience in teaching but however what is needed from them, the
English, isn’t so good.
In the other side, this school with this high budget that gets from around one
hundred and fifty people, all time five thousand dollar, should have an
extraordinary learning environment. When saying extraordinary learning
environment, I mean big classes, all furnitured well with all the elements
needed. What I want to say with the sentence above is that for example the
science where the science subject is taught, is well furnitured with good desks
and blackboards but a science class, a class where the students learn three
subjects, physics, biology and chemistry should have the exact items needed for
the class. We can take the biology class as an example. The science book for the
ninth graders has a lot of experiments which are connected with the lessons on
the book. But unfourtunetly we do not posses all the exact items to have an
experiment completed. We all know that a lesson can be easily taught by the
students if they can do the experiment, if they can see by their own eyes what
the books show them from the pictures. The same thing happens with other
classes, not just in the science class. What’s more interesting and in the mean
time to feel sorry about it, is that we don’t have enough classes. This may
sound weird but like it