Water Safety

1. I am concerned about Water Safety because of the many dangers involved with water activities like drowning is the main danger.

2. There are many different water environments which different dangers;

Pools: drowning, head and spinal injuries, slippery floor

Beaches: large waves. RIPS, rocks, reefs, and dangerous marine creatures

Rivers, Lakes & Dams: Currents, snags, the depth, shallow water, temperature change, boats

Which all these dangers can cause to drown and that is fatal

3. Iíve chosen the area of rivers and an activity. Iíve White Water Rafting. This activity is regularly under taken in rivers, White Water Rafting involves rushing down rocky rapids at dangerous speeds.

4. The dangers in this activity and very hazardous. White Water Rafting can be very dangerous because you can fall out while going down a rapid and hit your head on a rock and become unconscious. The water can be really cold and you could get hypothermia. If you fall out you could be caught on an underwater snag and get pulled underwater because of the current. An under current can pull you under rock like and the current will hold you there. The raft could get caught and tear and you can drown if tangled in the deflated raft.

5. You can prevent these potential dangers by always rafting with an experienced rafter and if the situation does arise you should stay calm and donít panic and try to stay out of the way of the incoming dangers.