War What Is It Good For?

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen.

Think about this for a moment. What would you do if you had one chance, one opportunity, to save thousands of innocent peoples lives would you take it? I hope, as you are all reasonable people you would. I Know I would, because peopleís lives matter whether they are your next-door neighbours or the people living in Iraq right now. People have the right to be given the chance to live. War what is it good for?

The main purpose of this speech is to persuade anyone who supports the war on Iraq that war is not the answer and that there can be a more peaceful approach.

I want to be able to talk to people by the end of this speech against the war and know that they will think differently about the approach to the situation concerning Iraq. Iím not here to preach religion about how all violence is wrong and we should all love each other, we donít. But we shouldnít kill innocent people every person religious or otherwise should see that. Iím just an average person who wants to help stop the war.

The reasons given by the coalition for war are morality, power and economics. Are these reasons really valid?

Lets look at morality first. Morality. What is morality killing thousands of innocent people in an illegal act of war. Why is there an issue at all? There hasnít been one for over a decade. Why is there suddenly out of nowhere a huge burning issue in Iraq that needs to be solved by killing people? Killing men, women and children, innocent people. Surely killing is an issue in it self that raises more issues. Such as homelessness, mass destruction and an economic backlash, which could make matters worse in Iraq. Not to mention Mums without sons, Fathers without daughters, Husbands without wives. Some donít think so. Some say, ďWar is the only fair and just way of bringing down a brutal regime such as the one under Saddam Hussain.Ē These were Bushes wise words. I am not one of these people. War what is it good for?

The next issue that the US and UK powers are trying to use to justify war is that Saddam Hussain has weapons of mass destruction and is determined to use them. Maybe so. But weapons inspectors, trained pros, experts have found only a few missiles, which have now in fact been destroyed. Is it possible that some of the weapons he Ďhasí have not been found? No as I said these inspectors are pros. They would easily find massive weapons of mass destruction. You canít just sweep them under the rug now can you? So why war? What is it good for?

Perhaps it could be the fact that Saddam kills thousands of his own people. So do the Korean government, and the Columbian government and the other governments around the world. So why Iraq? Many feel it may be because of September 11th, America needs a scapegoat. They failed to get Bin Laden so America needs to blow something up in retaliation. Another unofficial reason why the US and UK governments feel war is the answer is the black gold dust. Oil. There is a large amount of oil in that area. Maybe they feel that by killing thousands of innocent people and killing Saddam then they can walk up to the oil own it and sell it off. FACT money makes the world go round Fact, what isnít a fact is that you canít put peoples life up for sale. We can stop that happening. War what is it good for.

Ok fine War happens. We kill Saddam get the oil save the world. Well done. The newsmen go home. What have we left behind? Ruined lives people who wish they were dead. Towns that will take years to rebuild. Some of the oldest buildings are in Iraq. These are priceless and of huge historical and cultural interest. These can never be replaced. Things will be destroyed that can never be replaced and thousands of starving refugees. And not just lives the sentimental loss to individuals will be huge. Imagine some one