War On Poverty: Project South

Another project that is trying to make lead way in the poverty war. Is
the Project South(PS) is a program that is felt strongly felt though out the
South East United States.

Project South(PS) is a community-based, membership institute that
develops popular political and economic education and action research for
organizing and liberation. They contribute to the development of a strategic
vision for the movement emerging in the ese new times-bringing together
grassroots, scholar and cultural activists and youth on the basis of equality to
join in the process of understanding and transforming our society. The work of
Project South is funded by dues and contributions, in-kind work, and grants from
the Atlanta Black United Fund, the Center for Responsive Politics, the Schumann
Foundation, the Fund for Southern Communities, and the Mayer-Katz

The following are the true statistics form the 1995 fiscal year and the
consequences of budget cuts.

While the poverty rate of 20.8 percent for children under 18 years old
in 1995 was significantly lower than the 1994 rate of 21.8 percent, it remained
higher than those of other age groups. There was a significant drop in the
number of people living below the official government poverty level between 1994
and 1995. In 1995, there were 36.4 million poor, a figure 1.6 million lower
than the 38.1 million poor in 1994.

The 1995 federal budget set in motion a program that will see billions
and billions of dollars cut from social programs. At a time of greatest need,
the government is cutting support programs and making it more difficult for
those who need the programs to qualify. So what is the government doing about
poverty? Nothing! It is abandoning its responsibility and blaming the victims of
its policies for the situation they find themselfs in.

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