Out line:

· The fall of Soviet Union­­­_____No deterrence.

· The only Super Power.

· The New World Order.

· Incident of Nine Eleven (11 September).

· War on Afghanistan________War against Terrorism.

· America’s paranoia.

· The role of Muslim governments.

· The plight of the Muslim World.

· The role of U.N.O.

Lord Acton, a famous English thinker, once said:

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

And America has proved it literally by attacking Iraq; because since the fall of USSR America has become the sole super power of the world. Now there is no deterrent power to check the evil designs of America. Since its victory in the Cold War over Soviet Union, America has flagrantly been declaring to introduce and impose its so-called New World Order. This means a new scheme of things according to the sweet wills of the only super power of the world.

Perhaps America would have realized her dreams gradually but the terrorist attack of 11 September on World Trade Centre gave her a pretext and she got inexplicably furious and vindictive. The White House promptly enunciated that the revivalist movements in the Muslim World and their leaders are terrorists. So under the garb of “War against Terrorism” she launched a diabolic campaign to wipe out the Muslim countries and their regimes, which do not conform to her ugly plans.

In this connection, America hit Afghanistan and threw out its government killing countless innocent people. Now the new government in Afghanistan is virtually a puppet whose strings are in the hands of America and which feels pride in obeying and pleasing the White House.

After Afghanistan, the very next target of America was Iraq. America accused Iraq of having deadly chemical and biological weapons that can cause a wholesale death in the world. Perhaps the forgetful America had forgotten that her foster-child Israel has heaps of such lethal weapons. A team of U N inspectors was sent to Iraq to find out the so-called deadly weapons; but in spite of deep digging scrutiny they could find nothing of the sort.

Now America resorted to another pretext. It declared Saddam a great threat to world peace and ordered him to leave Iraq. But soon it added that even if Saddam left Iraq it would not desist from attacking Iraq. Saddam paid no heed to these threats and chose to be adamant.

As the world became aware of America’s hideous wills, it rose in the favour of innocent people of that doomed land. In almost every city of the world millions of trillions of people took to streets imploring America to stop its campaign against Iraq.

Here America’s stance was immensely ridiculous. It was asserting to emancipate the oppressed Iraqis from the cruel claws of a tyrant, Saddam Hussein hoping that people of Iraq would help and favour it. But all Iraqis stood as a single nation to defend their motherland. And America once again hit Iraq as violently as she did in Afghanistan. There was inestimable loss of life and property. The Saddam government was overthrown. The new set-up is still under way. Everything has been turned topsy-turvy. Uncertainty and lawlessness rule supreme in the country. Invaluable historical, cultural and religious assets of Muslims have been ravaged and plundered without any hesitation or any sense of guilt. And irony lies in the fact that all this is being done by the nation who thinks her the best, greatest, most sensible and most humanistic in the world. And the people who shed tears at the loss of wild life are now effacing the human life with their own hands. And not being satisfied with it, America is now threatening Syria and Iran again and again.

During the whole drama, the role of Muslim countries has been shamefully cowardly and indifferent. It is quite evident that there is no unity among the Muslim countries. They are watching their own destruction like silent and passive spectators. The most pitiable fact is that America has her loyal supporters and allies even among the Muslim countries like Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and the U.A.E.

The leaders of the Muslim World are not trying to understand and analyse this dismal situation. At present, they feel proud to be the personal friends of George W. Bush. They do not pay any