War of the Worlds

A: Summary of

This story is about two Indian twins who live by their mother, because their
father died. The twins and the mother are starting to have some problems,
because the mother has the opinion that the twins no longer have respect for
other people. As a results of this big discussion the mother says that the twins
can leave.

The twins were real evil to the young men who wanted to be with them, and we
hear about how the twins enjoyed to go out with boys and then drop them again -
for fun.

The I-person says that Suki and herself haven\'t changed, but that it is the
things which had changed. Then the twins think back on the past and we hear
about how wild the twins were and how their father helped them when there were
in trouble. The problem was that the twins wanted to change the world and
therefor wanted to speak in the Gurudware. The twins said some thing, which
specially the men didn\'t like. Therefor the father had to save them from the
angry men. In the end of the story the twins decided to stay with their mom and
fight for what they believe in.

B: Essay

This story about the two Indian twins shows a typical problem for imigrants. In
this case the twins want to change the system and the rules wich Indian people
live by. Suki and her sister will not tolerate the rules and live by the normal
traditions. Therefor you can say that the two twins are revulutionary. The twins
want to speak in the Gurudwara, so they can tell the other women and children to
fight for their rights. After normal indian traditions women don\'t have anything
to say. It is the men who make the decitions and therfor decides over the women
and children. The two sisters want to help other women and children and on a
sunday in the Gurudwara they say that almost all men who is present should be
ashamed, but this couses a conflikt because the men don\'t want to give up their

Indian girls or women like Suki and her sister are very important for the
community, because they make it more posible that Indian people can live side by
side with white people. It is very good that the twins defy the traditions and
try to make a better sociaty.

The twins are not all good, because they are a little childish when they play
with the men like they do. Of cause this might be coursed by the reaction of
their bitterness of men and their behaviour. With that I what the point out that
the reason why the girls are doing these thing are because they are angry with
the men and the indian traditions, which you can say the Indian men make use of.
In a other way it is very important that we have our traditions. The traditions
make us what we are and tell us many things about our country, nation and
forefathers. Therefor you just cannot throw away tradition, exept from this case
where the men just want the keep the tradition, because they can make use of it.

It is naturally that you will not get popular if you go againts the rest of the
community. In spite of that you can say that it is ok to move away from a place
you don\'t like and where you don\'t fell welcommed. In the end of the story the
twins chose the right thing to do. They stay and fight. You can say that this is
one of the authors messages to the readers - Fight for what you want and for
what you believe in.

The behaviour of the two twins areso good as it should be. They don\'t threet
their mother as they should. Specially in the situation with Shanty where the
twins attacked the mother for driving Shanty back you can say that it wasn\'t
allright that they didn\'t believe in ther mother. In this case the twins learned
from the situation and discorvered thart not all Indian women have a choice.
This situation could be the reason way the twins wnated to change the system or
the world. The title War of the Worlds could tell us that the twins have started
a war which should change the world. Or maybe change it to another world - a
westen world.

I would say that the writher wants us the believe that you can achieve many