Wal-Mart is taking Over

Is Wal-Mart good for communities, or is Wal-Mart a wolf in sheep\'s
clothing? With a gross annual sales of over $67 billion and more than 2,000
stores, Wal-Mart is one of the biggest corporations in the United States. Wal-
Mart opens a new store once every two days in small communities and cities
across the United States, however, are these stores good for these communities,
or are they wrecking havok? When you look down at the fine print Wal-Mart
doesn\'t earn it\'s money it steals it money from other businesses. Choking other
smaller businesses by offering wider varity of products at a more competitive
price. This is actually a very simple business tactic if you want to sell a lot
of something cut your profit margin to beat the other competitors and you will
sell more. Wal-Mart stole an average of over $10 million in an average sized
Iowan Town.

You want to beat Wal-Mart keep by keeping it from invading you town and
making it a ghost land? Here are some steps that have been victorious in the
past as how to keep Wal-Mart out.

Quote Wal-Marts officers, they have been known to say very contradictory
things for instance: Wal-Mart\'s founder Sam Walton once said "If some community,
for whatever reason, doesn\'t want us in there, we aren\'t interested in going in
and creating a fuss." or is the VP of Wal-Mart once stated, "‘We have so many
opportunities for building in communities that want Wal-Marts, it would be
foolish of us to pursue construction in communities that don\'t want us." If you
raise a good argument then you have something to stand on.

According to Albert Norman in his article Eight Ways to Stop the Store
",Wal-Mart Mathematicians only know how to add. They never talk about the jobs
they destroy, the vacant retail space they create or their impact on commercial
property values." This is very true Wal- Mart\'s officers always talk about the
jobs and opportunities they create ,however, are 250 minium wage jobs worth 150
$6-10 jobs? Wal-Mart also talks about how they benefit, but except for one
scholarship they do little of nothing to fulfill that statement.

Raise money to stop Wal-Mart to influence the public to become active in
keeping Wal- Mart out of the community. Wal-Mart will spend money trying to
persuade people to want Wal- Mart in their community. Fight this these are your
friends, family, and fellow townsfolk, who do you think they are going to listen
to? Someone who they have known all their life and who they know only has the
towns best interests in mind, or a bumbling fool from New York City who knows
nothing of your town people or their situation.

Start a petition influence people to vote, stake out the supermarkets
and hardware stores. Get as many signatures as you can. The more signatures
the easier it will be to keep Wal-Mart out of the community. If Wal-Mart was
being truthful about staying where they were wanted and not where they weren\'t,
then it is the communities responsibility to let Wal-Mart know that they aren\'t

Look at the facts Wal-Mart isn\'t good for small communities, it profits
by picking on the small businesses. It drains a town dry and leaves it as a
barron waste land. You can fight Wal- Mart, and if you have the opportunity I
would advise it.

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