Vision Out of the Corner of One Eye: Literary Analysis

The main character of "Vision out of the Corner of One Eye ", a short story
by Luisa Valezuela, goes through a complete one hundred-eighty degree change
over the course of the story.
In the beginning of the story, the main character is completely distraught.
A man on the bus continues to fondle her, but rather than call attention to him
she would rather save face for him. She hates the situation but she wants to
believe he\'s a good person so she begins to make excuses for him: "maybe he
didn\'t do it on purpose" or "maybe his right hand didn\'t know what his left hand
was up to". All the while trusting , and having her trust broken.
The second phase the main character went through was the attempt to flee.
When she finally tried wiggling out of his reach it just gives him a better
angle to touch her. As she moved away, he was right there. She was like a fox
hunted by wild dogs. No matter where she went, she was trapped.
The final phase was getting even. She figured she would put her hand on
his butt and show him how it felt to molested. It turns out, she got more than
the satisfaction of revenge, but also his wallet.
The main character has lots of moral and emotional choices to make. Though
in the beginning she wants nothing more than to put the incident behind her, by
the end she ironically throws all of her morals out the window and steals the
man\'s wallet.

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