Virus: the exterminator

Viruses, A.K.A. “Slate Cleaner,” “End of the World,” and just plain “Killer.” Newly emerging viruses are not something to be reckoned with. One slip of the finger could send the whole world into a downhill spiral of death! Yet some scientists persist in saying “Viruses will save us...” or “We’ll get them with this new deadly virus…” They don’t take into consideration that these engineered viruses can wipe out the entire world in a little over 3 years.

One such virus is Ebola, Classified as “Filoviridae” or “Thread like.” The Ebola virus causes mild symptoms first, such as, headache, fever, ect., then... when the host least expects it, Ebola “goes for the kill” by liquefying ones internal parts. As the liquefied internal organs pour profusely out of every orifice the Ebola finds new hosts as it immediately becomes airborne. All of this happens in less than ten days. Every time a person dies from Ebola, another will contract it. Unless the original host is contained completely making no escape for Ebola, and eventually killing it off.

Though the virus seems complex, it is simply a piece of DNA enclosed in proteins. The complex part comes when the virus finds its very own cell to “hijack.” As the cell takes in the virus, it suddenly becomes active and tells the cell “make copies of me.” This eventually leads the cell into a circle of producing viruses. Soon enough the cell will produce enough viruses it explodes. Thus releasing every virus it had created, and restarting the process for each. Though each virus is considered “dead” outside of a cell, the cells will absorb it without knowing, just like a car running over a nail on the highway, you don’t see it, but it’s there and it will cause devastation.

Most Viral diseases can be vaccinated. But newly emerging and some engineered viruses are immune to such vaccinations. Since vaccinations are simply a virus without its “insides” or nucleic acids, viruses find it easy to bypass. All the virus has to do is reorder itself so that the anti-bodies (the ultimate weapon against viruses that the body produces when it detects a virus) will not attack it. Scientists have created such viruses from accidental means, and planned procedures. Either way, the virus will eventually escape and kill a whole hemisphere before we realize it.

Ebola is just one of the many new viruses being created and found every day. If we don’t stop conducting experiments and holding viruses even when they have been eradicated, we will all die. There is no “sugar-coating” it; we will die if it continues.

Once one of the “Unstoppable” viruses is released, the end is near.