Moral excellence or righteousness is what the American Heritage dictionary describes when asked to find the definition of virtue. I feel in my lifetime that I and others would succeed more often if I and others around me had an open mind about everything in life, that’s why I feel an open mind would be the best virtue to possess.

In our world of fast paced coffee espresso world we do so much wrong that we don’t even see or acknowledge what wrongs we have committed. The pure fact that a high school senior may have more say then a high school freshman is morally wrong; who is to say that age brings wisdom? I can easily think of faculty, teachers, and parents who have the same arrogant attitude that were grown while attending high school. Many of the people we look up to today don’t have the moral virtues needed to live a long and happy life. I can easily think of a gym teacher I had last semester, which seemed intent on causing the non-sporty non-preps of our gym class pain and agony. He unknowingly favored the sporty athletic kids of our class. Sad to say I wasn’t one of the sporty kids. He was quoted saying, “athletic kids succeed in life!” The only question in my mind after that lovely time was, I’m not sporty does that mean I won’t succeed in life?

People need to have an open mind in everything. That’s why I picked an open mind as my virtue, because I feel no one really has one, and those who do claim to own an open mind, generally don’t have one either. There’s not a day where I go through school and see someone being judged. I try to keep an open mind and leave my bad judgments until the person commits an error.

The gym teacher for my last semester did not have what I could call an open mind, because I’m sure some athletic kids do succeed in life, though not all of the kids who succeed have been in sports, Einstein was the biggest, “nerd” but yet due to his knowledge the death of many people during WWII was evaded.

An open mind is scarcely owned by people. I would love it if everyone had an open mind because it would the many events we have had so far could have been avoided. I want to someday have the ability to walk in a room dirty and ugly looking and have people go up to me and get to know me for who I am rather then what I look like.