On behalf of myself, and many other students, I would like to formally address the Drug
and Alcohol problem that accompanied the 1999-2000 school year Vermont trip. Many times I
have heard stories about the “infamous” Vermont Ski trip, and the many illegal things that have
occurred consistently throughout the years. To the best of my knowledge this behavior was
ignored, overlooked, and typical of this trip. So in believing that this kind of “partying” was
habitual, I decided to participate along with several others who had attended past trips.

At first I was hesitant in bringing anything, but after a couple of conversations with certain
individuals, I was convinced that it would be all right to do so without any punishment being
enforced. Thus brought me to obtaining the “single” bottle I was bringing for a friend ,and I to
consume with others, along with the other alcoholic beverages brought on the trip by my peers.

This brings us to the time of departure for Vermont, on Thursday March 17, 2000. At
approximately 11:50 PM I arrived to load the bus. At a little after 12:00 AM we left the Holley
High School for Vermont, without “A BAG CHECK” by any of the seven chaperones. After a ten
hour drive we arrived at our destination, Stowe Ski Resort. At around 4:30 PM we loaded the bus
to go to the Courtyard By Marriot, the hotel in which we would be staying at for the remainder of
the trip. Following our arrival we were given the room assignments, we then unpacked our bags
quickly, and my roommates and I hid the alcohol that we each brought under our beds. After that
a majority of us students went to the pool, and jacuzzi for a swim before our expected 7:00 PM
dinner time. Dinner lasted for about a half an hour, to forty-five minutes, and soon after I then
again went to the pool with a couple of people for another swim.
Around 8:30 PM I returned upstairs to a friends room, where I then received a phone call
from one of my roommates asking me if I planned on returning to our room to “drink.” I
answered hesitantly, but after a little debating I decided to go back to my room. At that moment I
only returned ,to change out of my swim clothes, before I headed back to the friends room. While
I was in my room changing I was asked by two of my roommates to compare their drinks, and
decipher which was better. This then proves that the alcohol, both mine, and my roommates, had
already been out and consumed long before I first returned. After that, I went to my friends room
and we both then returned to my room at about 9:00pm. Upon arrival we had found six other
people in my room already there for one purpose. I then proceeded to ask one of my roommates
where the bottles were, he then replied “in the liquor cabinet,” sure enough there I found all the
alcohol moved from under the beds where I last knew it to be, into the place where I was storing
my clothes. At that moment I removed “the bottle” from the cabinet to pass around to my friends.
First I had opened the bottle so that everyone could smell the Butter Scotch aroma. After passing
it around to all eight people including myself., we then all took “one baby sip” from the bottle.

A few moments after that most of the people in my room decided to go take a swim. Then
three female students left to go change into their swimming attire, leaving my friend, three of my
roommates, and myself in the room. At this point the bottle had been sealed for a couple of
minutes. I was then listening to one of my roommates tell a story, while the other two changed.
During this short period of time there was a knock on the door, and Mr. Orbaker who was the ski
trip advisor, walked into the room to see me holding the bottle in my hands. After I got done
listening to my roommates story I then noticed Mr. Orbaker standing in the hallway staring at me.
He then motioned for me to walk over to him, as I did he signaled for the bottle, grabbed the
liquor and proceeded to say” way to be an asshole” and