Varieties of “Real Men”


Sociology of Gender

In this particular reading, the author discusses the theoretical insight by analyzing how social structures of labor, power, and sexuality affect social interaction mainly with the street, the workplace, and the family. The author, decided to emphasize the significant differences on men and how different situations with crime distinguish their masculinities.

The author starts out talking about crime on the streets and how the “deviant street networks” works. He goes into how a pimp works and how these types of men conduct illegal profit ventures of prostitution, check and credit-card fraud, drug trafficking, burglary, and robbery. What I really liked about this author is how the very first reading part catches the reader’s attention immediately. I really liked how the author refers to men and there behavior as “pimps” and that it is the perfect explanation on how men need to feel in control over women and how women feel the need to make the man happy and feel as if they are being taken care of. The author defines gender as a situated accomplishment in which we produce forms of behavior seen by others in the same immediate situation as masculine or feminine. This explanation of women and men, female and male is a very good description because it fits all situations of men and women in life and why gender roles are the way they are and have been since the beginning of time. The author states that “the deviant street network provides the context within which to construct one’s “essential nature” as a man and to survive as a human being.” This is the perfect way to word how men need to feel power over the female gender. Then the author goes on to explain how different races of men have different ways to show off there power among others and over women. This leads us now to the topic of females and males interacting in the work place.

The workplace is suppose to be a place of work, but lets face the reality and note how in every type of situation and different jobs that executives compared to flower shop workers experience different sexual harassment, but that it is almost natural for men to do this degradation in order to feel above women they work with. Women have to deal with the sexual harassment, it is something that is very hard to avoid in all work place situations due to the nature of most women’s jobs and men usually being the bosses over women and the men having that control over the female and her job.

Now it is even more evident that gender roles are very distinguishable due to the women and the responsibility given to them for up taking the unpaid housework and child care while men can just remain responsible for only paid labor in order to “take care” of the wife and children. All the major house and family decision are usually done by the male, the leader of the household, just making gender roles to even have large divisions of it in the work place if it is at home as well.

In conclusion, this reading was one of my favorite, I agreed with basically every point that the author had made and the way the author gave a visual picture in the readers mind just made everything that much easier to comprehend. The examples were catchy and each proved to have a good point were the author got his point to the audience and the readers were able to understand how and why gender roles in all society have been the same way for many years and will take a long time to change if the roles can even be changeable and even slightly equal.