Variable ex pressions
A.1 Evaluate variable expressions involving integers
A.2 Evaluate variable expressions involving rational numbers
A.3 Simplify variable expressions using properties
B.1 Solve linear equations
B.2 Solve linear equations: word problems
B.3 Solve absolute value equations
B.4 Graph solutions to absolute value equations
B.5 Solve multi-variable equations
C.1 Graph a linear inequality in one variable
C.2 Write inequalities from graphs
C.3 Write a linear inequality: word problems
C.4 Solve linear inequalities
C.5 Graph solutions to linear inequalities
C.6 Solve absolute value inequalities
C.7 Graph solutions to absolute value inequalities
C.8 Graph a two-variable linear inequality
C.9 Graph solutions to two-variable absolute value inequalities
C.10 Graph solutions to quadratic inequalities
C.11 Solve quadratic inequalities
D.1 Domain and range
D.2 Identify functions
D.3 Evaluate functions
D.5 Complete a table for a function graph
D.4 Find values using function graphs
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G.1 Matrix vocabulary
G.2 Matrix operation rules
G.3 Add and subtract matrices
G.4 Multiply a matrix by a scalar
G.5 Add and subtract scalar multiples of matrices
G.6 Multiply two matrices
G.7 Simplify matrix expressions
G.8 Properties of matrices
G.9 Solve matrix equations
G.10 Determinant of a matrix
G.11 Is a matrix invertible?
G.12 Inverse of a matrix
G.13 Identify inverse matrices
G.14 Solve matrix equations using inverses
G.15 Identify transformation matrices
G.16 Transformation matrices: write the vertex matrix
G.17 Transformation matrices: graph the image
G.18 Solve a system of equations using augmented matrices
G.19 Solve a system of equations using augmented matrices: word problems
Complex numbers
H.1 Introduction to complex numbers
H.2 Add and subtract complex numbers
H.3 Complex conjugates
H.4 Multiply complex numbers
H.5 Divide complex numbers
H.6 Add, subtract, multiply, and divide complex numbers
H.7 Absolute values of complex numbers
H.8 Powers of i
I.1 Factor out a monomial
I.2 Factor quadratics using algebra tiles
I.3 Factor quadratics
I.4 Factor using a quadratic pattern
I.5 Factor by grouping
I.6 Factor sums and differences of cubes
I.7 Factor polynomials
Quadratic functions
J.1 Characteristics of quadratic functions
J.2 Complete a function table: quadratic functions
J.3 Graph a quadratic function
J.4 Solve a quadratic equation using square roots
J.5 Solve a quadratic equation using the zero product property
J.6 Solve a quadratic equation by factoring
J.7 Complete the square
J.8 Solve a quadratic equation by completing the square
J.9 Solve a quadratic equation using the quadratic formula
J.10 Using the discriminant
J.11 Match quadratic functions and graphs
J.12 Write a quadratic function from its zeros

K.1 Polynomial vocabulary
K.2 Add and subtract polynomials
K.3 Multiply polynomials
K.4 Divide polynomials using long division
K.5 Divide polynomials using synthetic division
K.6 Evaluate polynomials using synthetic division
K.7 Solve polynomial equations
K.8 Find the roots of factored polynomials
K.9 Write a polynomial from its roots
K.10 Rational root theorem
K.11 Complex conjugate theorem
K.12 Conjugate root theorems
K.13 Descartes' Rule of Signs
K.14 Match polynomials and graphs
K.15 Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
K.16 Pascal's triangle
K.17 Pascal's triangle and the Binomial Theorem
K.18 Binomial Theorem I
K.19 Binomial Theorem II
Radical functions and expressions
L.1 Roots of integers
L.2 Roots of rational numbers
L.3 Find roots using a calculator
L.4 Simplify radical expressions with variables I
L.5 Simplify radical expressions with variables II
L.6 Nth roots
L.7 Multiply radical expressions
L.8 Divide radical expressions
L.9 Add and subtract radical expressions
L.10 Simplify radical expressions using the distributive property
L.11 Simplify radical expressions using conjugates
L.12 Domain and range of radical functions
L.13 Solve radical equations

Rational exponents
M.1 Evaluate rational exponents
M.2 Multiplication with rational exponents
M.3 Division with rational exponents
M.4 Power rule
M.5 Simplify expressions involving rational exponents I
M.6 Simplify expressions involving rational exponents II
Rational functions and expressions
N.1 Rational functions: asymptotes and excluded values
N.2 Evaluate rational expressions I
N.3 Evaluate rational expressions II
N.4 Simplify rational expressions
N.5 Multiply and divide rational expressions
N.6 Add and subtract rational expressions
N.7 Solve rational equations
Function operations
O.1 Add and subtract functions
O.2 Multiply functions
O.3 Divide functions
O.4 Composition of linear functions: find a value
O.5 Composition of linear functions: find an equation
O.6 Composition of linear and quadratic functions: find a value
O.7 Composition of linear and quadratic functions: find