Let us drift our thought back to the primary stage of human civilization. The first pair of human beings who had decided to lead a conjugal life, did not lead their life amidst the lush green open meadows blanketed under the starlit sky-cover, but gladly selected caves for settling down because it is not unrestricted freedom but some sort of bondage or interdependence which is the first and foremost thing required for a healthy relationship.

Today, when we are scientifically and technologically developed human beings, we have chosen so many costly gifts for embroidering the sense of "true" love. Fourteenth February - the date sounds to be a heard one; "Hey,it\'s Valentine\'s Day". This day is celebrated all over the world by all the lovers. It\'s much akin to Eid, X-mas,Dussera, so and so forth, for those loving hearts.

Even commercially this day is very important.It may be a "single-day festival", but the preperations are lavish. Heart-shaped balloons coloured in cherry red, festoons,silverwares, cakes, candle-light dinners and crowning all young hearts full of love and glee, are what this occasion calls for. But, above all,it is the attitude or mentality of the givers and not the gift itself which thouches our hearts. Nevertheless,in this busy, hectic life, when there is always a rat-race for self-betterment everywhere,we get at least a day for stopping and taking a break from our daily jaded routine and gifting not only quantity,but qulity time as well for our sweet ones.

Despite so many charms and raptures that this occasion provides us with,we, the cleverest fools of the world, take love to be nothing but a give-and-take policy, and expect the same kind of response from the other end.Having more than one girl-friends has become a manly affair,the left-out ones are branded effiminate. Teens is the age when love lures, and hence the teenagers can hardly differentiate between love and infatuation. But true love, though rare indeed in today\'s world,is found even now.And so, still today, it\'s heart which takes over the\'s sentiment and emotion which inflict a crushing defeat on logic.

The twenty four hour life-span of this romantic occasion and the lumpsome amount of money transacted by various, make this day both our delight and nightmare. For the day that brings out the indulgent best and the behavioural worst of the civilised human beings , there is a surfeit of innovative ideas regarding spending the day and making its evergreen memory long-lasting.With red roses blooming close to young hearts, and gregarious man going into the depth of silence,V\'Day endows man with his own hidden potentials;gives him an insight into the realm of his self.In this age of telecommunication when we can maintain a close raport with our beloved one over cell phone while having our lunch or taking a long drive,this day is of historic significance for a meeting between the sweet hearts.Who knows, perhaps this pair will set up a new landmark in the romantic history of love?