Underage Drinking

Imagine killing your best friend. Imagine smashing him into a telephone
pole, crushing his bones and organs and making him bleed to death. Imagine
the pain and suffering he would go through. Imagine then going on trial for
his death, facing his family and friends and the hateful stares as you walk
in the courtroom. Imagine a verdict of guilty and being sentenced to thirty
years in prison, thirty long years to sit alone and ponder how you could have
been so stupid to kill someone you love.
How would a night like this have begun? It probably began like the night
of a typical American teenager. You would go pick up a carload of your
closest friends and head to the party scene. You have a few drinks, maybe a
beer or two or a few shots, but never enough to make you tipsy. Or so you
think. You jump back in the car, music blaring, headed to another party or
maybe even home. Your best friend says he know a shortcut, so you follow his
directions and turn down a narrow road. You speed up, in a hurry to hit that
one last party before curfew. All of a sudden there is another car in the
road, high beams on, blinding you. You brake and swerve, trying to avoid an
accident, but you end up swerving too far, running right into a telephone
pole on the side of the road, smashing in the left side of the car and your
best friend. You wake up in the hospital. Your parents are by your side and
you ask where your best friend is. They say he was killed in the accident
you caused. The guilt hits you and takes your breath away. You killed
someone, someone you knew and loved.
Now imagine your freshman year of high school. You get invited to that
huge senior party, so of course you go. There are a million different types
of drinks there and you are offered a beer by some upperclassmen. You take
it and chug it, trying to impress them. They offer you another and another,
until finally you pass out. You are put, unconscious in a chair and the
party goes on. The next morning someone tries to wake you, but you won\'t
open your eyes. They call 911 and you are taken to the hospital. You are
rushed into the ER and 10 minutes later are pronounced dead due to alcohol
This is how alcohol affects the teenagers of America today. It ruins
lives and not only the lives of those who drink. It affects their friends
and family. It even affects people they do not know, the thousands of people
that are killed each year by drunk drivers. Many teens think they are
invincible, that nothing will ever happen to them. They will never drink too
much or be in an accident. But many lives are taken away because of underage
drinking. These people are killed in an instant, squashed like bugs on a
windshield. They never get to grow up and fulfill their dreams. They become
that bum on the street, staggering around and yelling obscene comments. They
are like the stray dog that never really finds a place in life.
So what is the solution to this problem? Stop the underage drinking.
Americans today need to wait until they are mature enough to handle all the
responsibilities that are involved with drinking. There are so many other
things to do on a Saturday night than go get drunk with your friends at a
party. Alcohol is not something that is needed to have a good time. Go out
shopping or to the movies. Go play golf or go bowling. Go out to eat or
even go to a party, but just don\'t drink. Life is too important to lose.

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