Under the Waterfall

Disclaimer: This story involves sex between teenagers and is a work of pure

fiction. Also, unprotected sex occurs and the author in no way condones

this. If it is illegal for you to view this material please hit your back

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My eyes followed the bead of sweat as it made its way from his drenched

hair and travelled all the way down his face and chest. Tyler was bench

pressing his highest attempt yet. I spotted my friend as his biceps flexed

and contracted under the massive weight. The highlight of our workout

sessions was when I got to spot my best friend. He always liked to push the

edge and add more and more weight. By the time he was half way through his

reps his body would be drenched in a glistening sweat. His short black hair

and sideburns would bead with sweat that would soon enough cover his

impressive chest and stomach.

Tyler was my object of affection for three years now. We had become best

friends after playing together on the junior basketball team. Three years

later we were the best of buds and in our senior year. We practically owned

the school workout room. Some young guys worked out for an hour, but Ty and

I spent almost every day there for two hours. It definitely showed. As

members of the wrestling, baseball, and basketball teams we needed to be

buff athletes. Ty was the most modest guy at school even though he was

undeniably the hottest. Aside from the tanned skin, well defined 6 pack and

abs, his smile was what made girls melt. He had the cutest blue eyes that

complemented his pearly white teeth.

According to my friends, I was considered just as "Adonis like" as my best

friend. I guess my looks were more of the "boy next door" variety. I had

brown hair and green eyes. I too had a cute smile and similar body

structure. Ty and I were known around school as the all American type. We

played sports, got good grades, dated girls and generally stayed out of

trouble. The bond that formed between Ty and me over those three years was

unlike anything I had ever experienced. We laughed together and even cried

together through tough times. The relationship embodied everything a best

friendship should. I had yearned to tell him for over two years that I was

gay and had deep feelings for him, but could never bring myself to say it

out loud.

"Nathan man! Hello, aren\'t you paying attention? I almost dropped the damn

thing!" Ty exclaimed as he set the weights down. I had drifted off and had

been pondering our relationship as I had a tendency to do.

"Sorry man, just thinking about how killer this weekend is gunna be!" I

quickly covered with my excuse and started to pack up. It was Friday and Ty

and I were driving up to my Aunt\'s cottage for the weekend. She had

recently bought it and offered to let me have it for a getaway. Ty and I

were really stoked to finally go check it out. As we got our stuff together

I watched Ty as he guzzled down a bottle of water. He didn\'t see me staring

but I watched as his Adam\'s apple contracted and the water moved down his

throat. His body still shone from the workout and his abs were as good as I

had ever seen them. For 18 year olds we had the bodies of college kids.

Both he and I sported hot little treasure trails that traveled all the way

down. It was my favorite feature on Ty. We quickly showered up and got

dressed. The lousiest feature in our school was the single stall showers

that forced us to shower separately. Of course I had seen Ty completely

naked, but it had only been fleeting glances here and there. I could only

imagine what his hard cock would look like at full attention.

We hopped in the car and drove the full three hours to the cottage. It was

unlike anything I had ever imagined. The place was totally deserted for 10

miles. At first I was pissed that it was completely in the middle of

nowhere but quickly began to realize the possibilities. Ty and I often

talked about sex but I never got any hints that he was interested in me at

all. That realization had been tough to accept. There