The Victorians idea of a quest was based on the Industrial Revolution. In science they have became greater then all of the other countries and some countries survival came upon trading with England. The made the iron for railroads that were around the whole world. Since the rapid industrialization destroyed old jobs some people were left poor and homeless. The government was not capable to handle these conditions and failed to do so which made an big economical decline in England history. Since trading was there biggest export and import the prevailed over trading and making products for the whole world.

Ulysses quest was about war, his troops went to war and had won. He then was punished by the god Poseidon, and had an hard time going to war. He went around the whole world even to the land of the dead and prevailed over a lot of obstacles. He then had to come home and fight off men to proclaim his place as king. His was of a quest was unlike the Victorians he was on a life or death situation and he had to go home.

Prospice quest was on the same as Ulysses, he was a fighter and he was at war. He was trying to go to his home land and died before he got there. He said in his poem that, it was his best and last fight. He then died at the end of the poem.

Their idea of a quest was like the same dealing with problems at home and overcoming certain objectives and problems. All of them had to suffer the consequences of what they had did, and paid for it every little bit. Their homes was the problem and their absent from it made the stronger so when they get their they can overcome all task that may overcome them.