Two Sides to One
There once was a woman named Live. She was one who enjoyed life with its every gift. She paid much attention to the beauty of nature and appreciated everything she had. Though this woman was not the only creature on earth. There were many things she was curious about. The one thing she focused on the most was the river she visited now and then. Every time she needed water, the river is where she would go. But there was something quite strange. When Live would lean over to wash her face, there would be an image--an image of Live looking back at herself.

The times that this would appear, she would become a little startled. It looked so much like her, but then again, it wasn’t. She looked to the tree god to ask who might this image be of.
The tree god said, “There is always two sides to a person. Sometimes you see them, sometimes you don’t—but they are always there because they are a part of you. You have a very positive heart, mind, and soul. Do not let any negativity influence you to go Evil, for that is the opposite of what you are, Live. This image you see in the river is your dark side. It is there to seek you and change you. If you stare at this image too long, you will think much of yourself and look down on everything else in this world.”

Live walked away knowing that there is nothing worse that could have happened. This was because the image in the river has already changed her…