3/2/04 Invention Essay

You may have noticed that the clock in Julieís room has been missing. Children have looked for the clock and it is not to be seen. We have gone through three clocks so far, which is a lot. Not a lot of children have watches and the people who donít would rather not interrupt the class to find out what the time is. These are a reasons why to locate a tree and itís quite easy.

Telling time with a tree is quite easy. Every hour the owner places a stake on the place where the shadow of the tree appears. After that day, the owner has a clock for a lifetime. When they want to check the time they simply look where the shadow is. If it is on the ninth mark it is nine oíclock. As you can probably see using a tree for a clock is quite easy.

Trees have problems and advantages. Every month you have to change the spot were the marks are because the sun changes its position. Another drawback is that the tree does not function without sun. So at night or on a cloudy day it doesnít work. Trees use no batteries unlike most clocks; they are energy efficient. Also trees attract the wild animals (including bears) and gives you shade on sunny days. My favorite part of trees is that they create oxygen. So trees are over all a good thing.

At home or in the classroom donít struggle to find the time. Avoid wasting batteries and get your daily dose of oxygen. Trees will help you and your neighbors. So donít be silly find a tree today.