chapter one


”Don Able sat with his feet on his neat, black, canvas desk and leaned back. It had been a long day at work and he was not at all opposed to going home to his loving family in their housing room. He looked around the room. It was one of the larger ones in the Work Tree. Sometimes, walking into his room, he remembered when he was in one of the bottom rooms where you could hear people stamping around above you all day. Don smiled. In those days, he had only been manager of the food production. Now, ten years later, he had been promoted to one of the highest jobs in the entire society, a Chooser.

Choosers ruled right under the Rulers of the society. They presented ideas for new laws and were the main supervisors in the industries. When people in the society had suggestions for new laws, or an adaptation of an already existing law, they turned to the Choosers. Don was actually Head Chooser, the highest honor that one could have before being made Ruler. Don could have actually had an office in the Palace Tree, but over the years, he had grown so fond of his little room that he didn’t find it necessary. The members of the Royal Family 2 had actually donated quite a few items to his room, such as the ancient globe in the corner, and the century old vase on his desk. Don had always been fond of the Royal Family 2. He looked around his room. Picking up the phone, he started to dial his housing room when there was a knock on his door. He set down his phone. A young man dressed all in black and adorned with sunglasses walked in. Don smiled. ‘Ah. Alex. Where have you been?’

‘Sorry Mr. Able. I ran into some trouble with the boys down in office two. They take a long time with their work. Too long.’ The strong man rolled two big hands into fists for effect. Don smiled. It was common knowledge that at office two, brains weren’t exactly in the majority.

‘Did you get any information from them?’ Able asked. The young man looked around. All was quiet. Alex picked up a slim black briefcase that he had dropped on the floor and opening it, he pulled out a packet of papers. In big bold letters across the top, it said “top secret.” Don grabbed it from him. Greedily he devoured the information like a hungry dog on a bone. Suddenly, his face went slack. His fingers held the papers so hard that his knuckles turned white. Standing up, he straightened his jacket.

‘Alex. Go immediately to Prince Ryan. Tell him that Don says it is urgent and to meet me under the fifth root of the Work Tree at 7:90.’

The young man sat off at a quick pace while Don sank into his chair. Don’s mind raced. What would they do? It simply could not happen to such a perfect society. Don would make sure that it wouldn’t. And what Don said happened.

Chapter 2
Prince Ryan was just sitting down in his dining room with two guests from the Trees when his butler gave him a letter. Taking a letter opener from his pocket, he slit it and took out the paper. It was pale blue and had water droplets around the edges, the sign that it was from the higher classes. He scanned it until he got to the more interesting part.

Therefore, as you see your majesty, we have no choice but to request your assistance. Don sends his greetings. He wishes to meet with you under the fifth root of the Work Tree at 7:90.

Prince Ryan folded the letter into fourths, and then sliding it in to his blue jacket checked the time. 7:70. He still had some time. Turning to his two guests, he excused himself quite graciously and hurried out of the room. Striding down the hall, he walked to the fourth room on his right and opened the door. It was a small, oval room with bookshelves on all of the walls. Stepping into the middle, he counted four to