Any true Australian would do almost anything in his/her power to protect Australia. So, if this boy, Tom, refused to train under the Defence Act in a time when war was upon Australia, there should be a form of punishment for this weak boy who did not wish to fight for his country. It seems that Tom would rather let other people fight for his freedom than training to defend himself and to defend the future of the country that he decided to lead his life in.

It is understandable that Tom’s beliefs were that there are other ways of bringing two countries into reconciliation than war. Many of the other soldiers would have taken the opposite path to war if there had of been that option. There was no such option at this time and war was eminent. So, the true Australians put their hands up to risk their lives to protect their country while Tom cowardly chose the way of solitary confinement.

During the time of war, thousands of people put their hands up to fight for Australia, Tom did not. Thousands of people thrust themselves into the world of unknowing, Tom did not. Thousands of people said goodbye to their loved ones for the last time, Tom did not. All of the Australian soldiers must have felt extremely cheated by people like Tom because they were fighting for the hope that future generations could call themselves Australians.

This is a really sad story of how one person can commit this act of treason and receive such a minor punishment. Imagine if all of the people at that time thought on similar lines as Tom. It is very doubtful we would be leading our lives as Australians today.