Trash Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

As a resident of the city of Hallandale, I have suffered a great deal of agony from the amount of littering that takes place in my community. Just walking from one block to another I encounter trash as small as candy wrappers to trash as big as abandoned cars blocking sidewalks. Refusing to be apart of the problem, I do my part by always finding a garbage can to discard my trash and encouraging my friends and family to do the same. Despite my effort, I fell alone in this fight against litter.

The excessive trash that clutters my neighborhood has become more and more of an embarrassment. I know that people from other communities come here and see the trash and think less and less of the people of the community. It is for the same reason that people turn up their noses to visiting our community as tourist site. The lack of tourist weakens our local economy, which is why the city’s name has been changed from Hallandale to Hallandale Beach. A name is good in its place but a name can only go so far. There must be a change.

The litter goes far beyond embarrassment. It has a major impact on the health of the town’s people. There are children that play outside on unsanitary playgrounds. Most small children have the tendency to put their mouths on their toys. If the children have been playing with the toys out on the filth sidewalk they can contract a number of health issues.

I am writing this letter because I feel that the problem at hand will only get worse if some form of action does not take place. I am reaching out for what ever assistance you can offer.