Topic of Interest; School uniform policies
Background Motivation; What motivated us to choose this topic was the fact that so many students I our school have very strong, unheard opinions about our policies.
Sampling Procedure; Systematic Random Sample
Randomization; We generated a random number which happened to be 4, so every fourth person we saw as we walked around the school was given a survey.
When, Where, and How?
When; We did this survey on May 18, 2017, during our statistics class.
Where; School (Population and sample are both students at Robert Morgan Edu. Ctr.)
How; We will print out the surveys, and then pass them out to the selected population.
356731950319600Interpretation; Our data suggests that overall the students in our school are opposed to uniform in general. In each separate question the data leaned towards the rejection of the uniforms. From our data, we can conclude that if the survey was given to the population, we would have similar results.
Pitfalls and Extensions; During the survey distribution, you could tell that the students picked for the sample were influenced by the students around them. they would try to cover the paper so no one would see what they choose. The surrounding students would say thing such as "that's not right' or "change it". The participants would sometimes ask for their papers back to change what they put, but we would say no. If we were to repeat this project we would most likely have a larger sample, to have better a representation of the population.