Tony Mendez

December 10, 2003

Western Civ

On December 3, the band Tony Melendez and the Toe Jam Band came to McGuire Hall for a fun and inspirational concert. What I mean by inspirational concert is that Tony Melendez was born with out arms. When Tony’s mother was pregnant, she was prescribed Thalidomide. Being born without arms, Tony knew from the time he was a little boy that every little thing he did in his life would be physical demanding. Never wanting to be different, he was a typical child growing up. He tried to do many of the same activates as the rest of his friends but fell in love with music.

Tony finally found his calling in life when he learned how to play the guitar with his feet. Many years of practices he became very good and started the band the Toe Jam Band. His band has played in front of John Paul II, was on ABC, NBC, and CBS. He has also made many different albums.

The concert it self was nothing I have every seen before. The music was very good and everybody in attendance was amazed how well Tony could play the guitar. Tony has given many people the inspiration not to give up on anything that they do. He is an amazing man with an amazing talent. This just goes to show that no matter what physical disabilities you have if u put your mind to anything it can be accomplished.