To Kill a Mockingbird

A six- year old tomboy, Scout, carries us through to her childhood of injustice and prejudice in Alabama in 1932. One day she reminisces about all the events leading up to Jem’s broken. The main characters in To Kill a Mockingbird are Scout, her brother Jem, their friend Dill, and Scout and Jem’s father Atticus. Scout is a fiery six- year old tomboy who loves and abides her father. Jem is an adventurous ten year- old and looks out for his sister. Dill is about the same age as Jem and he is from Meridian Mississippi. Atticus is a single dad who is kind and loving and is a lawyer.

“He is the same man in court as he is the same man on the street.” In their childhood years, they have many adventures in the neighborhood Maycomb including trying to get Arthur, “Boo” Radley to come out. The Radleys kept to themselves, but Boo Radley, their son, was in with the wrong crowd. He came before a judge on disorderly conduct, assault and battery, and using abusive and profound language. One time Boo was sitting in the living room cutting up the tribune when his father entered the living room. Boo drove the scissors into his father’s leg. Since then he had never came out of the house. Scout and Jem were curious and wanted to see him. The main event of their childhood was when Mayella Ewell, daughter of Bob Ewell who was white, said that she had been raped by Tom Robinson, and black man. Mayella was nineteen. Atticus Finch was asked to be Tom’s lawyer in court. Atticus, Scout and Jem received a lot of ridicule for defending a colored man in court. Many people called Atticus a “Nigger- lover.” Tom was probably innocent because the Ewells were with trash and their evidence was weak. They lived in back of the Maycomb dump. Their father was and alcoholic and negligent to his family and they were very poor. Tom Robinson walked past the Ewell residence every day because the colored cabins were right in back of the Ewell residence. Mayella asked Tom to help her cut up some wood and that was supposedly when Tom raped her. Tom’s side of the story is more believable. He said that Mayella asked him to cut up some wood for her, and then Mayella went to get him a nickel, but couldn’t reach where she kept the money. So Mayella asked Tom to get it for her and she grabbed Tom and started kissing him because she was lonely and he was the only man in her life. Tom resisted, but then Mr. Ewell came back from getting more wood and saw Mayella with Tom. Mr. Ewell became mad a shouted profound saying to Tom and Mayella, and supposedly beat her. Tom was found guilty after many hours of delay from the jury. Atticus had tried hard, but the town was very prejudice. Mr. Ewell then had an encounter with Atticus saying that he would pay for all the things he said in court about him. Mr. Ewell also had an encounter with Judge Taylor, who was the Judge for that case, and tried to rob him: Mr. Ewell also went around following Helen Robinson, Tom’s wife, to work cursing and swearing at her. After a couple week s of Tom being in jail, he was shot to death for trying to escape from prison. The finale encounter Mr. Ewell had was with Scout and Jem, and it would be his last ever. On Halloween night, Scout and Jem were on their way home from a costume pageant, Jem heard someone walking behind them. They both thought at first that it was Cecil Jacobs trying to scare them again, but the person kept following them after they yelled at it to go away. Then it started running after them. It was dark so they couldn’t see who it was but first it went after Jem and tried to kill him, then it tried to suffocate Scout. Then suddenly whoever it was stopped attacking them. Them someone else came and took Jem and Scout their house and Scout herd the voice of Atticus sending